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Re: Tools: Thin Kerf Blade?
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I use the Freud Diablo blade as well. There is no better blade for $10. I use blade stiffeners from Lee Valley, but you probably don't have to. I use them for all of my blades- not the Diablo blades exclusively.,41080,41165


I have the same blade stiffeners.

A couple of thoughts about them:
- you'll need a new zero-clearance throat insert if you switch to the stiffeners (or fill the slot on your old insert and punch a new slot)
-on my saws the stiffeners can restrict the 'blade height' above the table a bit.

The newer blades in my collection seem so 'stable' that I'm not sure I need the stiffeners any more, but I know they made a difference when I bought them 20+ years ago.