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Re: Epoxy: laying cloth over 'tacky' epoxy?

You're not going to get fiberglass to go over a sharp edge, it just won't do that. You need some kind of radius on all edges the bigger the radius the easier it is to get the glass to conform. Putting the glass on with a bias will help much, where the yarns are crossing the edge at an angle hopefully near 45 degrees. If you want a sharp edge that's unavoidable you'll have to put the glass on each edge separately then trim the corner when the fiberglass is at the green stage, Kind of rubbery, you can then trim it with a razor knife.

On a small surface like a paddle sticking it to epoxy that's getting sticky might help, but it'll still tend to pull away from the corners and form bubbles, best with very light weight glass and adding more than one layer, much easier than trying to do it with heavier glass.

Bill H.