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Re: Material: Canadian (GTA) Suppliers??

thx John

I get a lot from US but some sites/vendors are a little over the top in S&H.

Agree on hatch, though it's just for day boat. That said, I just about clicked on the 10" Sealect from Duckworks but thought I'd check for alternatives..

You'd be surprised at challenges in getting good/or specific paddling related items in Toronto. Hard to believe sometime we're on the Great Lakes.. BC is always a good option... Was chatting with supplier out there yesterday about Sealect.. He offered to do special order but I didn't want to bother him with that for a single hatch..

For fabric, ebay and amazon are out unless it's a reliable/established supplier... I was in a Fiberglass supplier yesterday with 6oz fabric half the price of others.... Had to pass when I asked about Carbon-Kevlar and he told me they were different things.. I'll probably just get from Soller...