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Other: Smart Track Hybrid Foil rudder?

I've started a discussion at West Coast Paddler about a rudder problem.

I'd appreciate input from folks here. I won't repeat all the details, but here's the start of that WCP thread:

A friend recently bought a brand new kayak, which has a rudder. From a well-known Canadian company....

When we were looking at it on the beach yesterday, it seemed to me that it was installed improperly.

Rudder is a Smart Track Hybrid Foil.

It is rigged so that the single line to the jam cleat is a 'downhaul' - it pulls the rudder down into the water. The spring flips the rudder out of the water and up on to the deck when the control line is released from the jam cleat.

This means that the rudder has no 'kick up' capability (aside from stretching or breaking the control line).
Isn't this 'backwards?

Thanks! It's hard for me to believe that boats are sold with rudders rigged this way........ :-(