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Re: Other: Smart Track Hybrid Foil rudder?

I have Smart Track rudders on two of my boats. The Shearwater Double has the standard housing and the Wahoo has the smaller race rudder housing. Top picture is the standard housing with blade removed. Bottom is race housing with the short race blade installed.

I have no doubt that the foil was installed incorrectly in the housing. It is easy enough to do and I have done it myself. Referencing the bottom picture, you need to remove the cotter key on the opposite side of the housing (out of sight) and pull the knob tout just a 1/2" or so. This will disengage the knob from the index holes and allow it to rotate. Rotate the knob clockwise until you get the desired spring force holding the rudder down, then push the knob back in so that it engages in the index holes, then reinstall the cotter key. If you mistakenly rotate the knob counter-clockwise, the spring will be holding then rudder up and not down. Lastly, make sure that the rudder retract line is properly routed up over the top of the rudder housing then forward towards the cockpit. You can find instructions here: