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Re: Other: Smart Track Hybrid Foil rudder? *PIC*

I just went down to the garage and looked at a Smart Track set up and there is no way to put a spring on backwards

Here are a couple of pics to make that clearer - the spring can't be 'flipped over' without re-machining the recess.

This is a Smart Track foil with the spring in the 'spring down' orientation - the way most Smart Track rudders work.

The end of the spring is inserted in a hole in the foil. There's an asymmetric channel to accommodate the end of the outer spring coil.

To flip the spring over, you'd need to machine that outer recess 'below' the hole for the spring end.

I'll be curious to see what the foil for the Smart Track Hybrid looks like, if I get my friend to bring his boat around to my shop. If the recess is shaped differently, perhaps the comment by Brian at P&H (about it being easy to flip the spring) will apply.