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Re: Strip: Strip building modifications if paintin

I would recommend basswood as an alternative to cedar if you plan to paint. It has similar characteristics to cedar, and becomes vastly superior if you consider price.


I think basswood is very nice stuff to work with and is often available clear at a very reasonable price.
I've used basswood for 'white' accent strips in some clear-finished boats.
Wood densities are 'all over the place' and can vary from board to board, in my experience.
Even construction grade SPF lumber could be used for strip building if you didn't mind working around some knots and the extra waste, and let the strips dry properly.
Basswood isn't as stiff as cedar or spruce, and bends more easily with some (steam) heat, so that's an advantage for curves, though it could be a bit of a problem if the molds are wide-spaced and the strips are thin.

Keeping the strips thin enough to get a light boat is important no matter what wood you use.