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The wedges are a nice idea but usually I can just work my way down the sheer with a couple of cargo straps (which apply force with a ratcheting cam buckle) to mate the deck to the hull, securing with strapping tape as I go.

I have a similar problem on the ends of a boat I am finishing now, where the deck is very flat and so very stiff.
Inserting temporary blocks across the inside of the hull (slightly longer than the inside beam so as to stretch the hull, and removing them before doing the seam) spread it sufficiently to mate with the deck except for a few inches near the stems, where the hull is too stiff.
I'm less than an 1/8 inch out and for only a couple of inches, so will likely be able to plane off the overhang of the deck without going through the strip.
If necessary, I'll slice off a few inches of the bow and stern and in place fit a carved outer stem at the tips.