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Re: Strip: Deck / hull attach
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Thank you Olli, this is exactly the problem I am having with my Petrel build, deck flat and stiff and misaligned by about 1/8" on each side. The bow and stern of a Petrel does not want to move very much. I have braces installed inside the hull to bring it out flush with the deck and I can use straps to pull it together so everything fits fine. Problem is with the braces installed inside the hull I cannot tape the seam. With the straps and tape on the outside I cannot tape the seam :(
My current plan is to install glue strips inside the hull up to the first bulkheads then glue the deck/hull together then remove the interior braces and using the 'wedge method' pull the remaining area of the deck/hull together and tape the inside seam. I need to be sure the 'wedge' is going to work because once I glue the stem / stern together . . . .
I have stained both deck and hull so planing is a last, despereate resort for me as I will never get the color to match :(
Thank you again for locating this thread for me :)