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Re: Strip: Deck / hull attach
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Phil and Paul, thank you for your replies.
At the moment I am taking a couple days off and contemplating my next move to align the deck/hull. The bow and stern of the deck on a Petrel is almost flat, after fiberglassing both sides it does not move so all my adjustment has to be done on the hull. The center of the boat is in good shape. I am off about 1/8" on each side around the first 3' from each end. I have a strip brace at each former location that I will have access to after I assemble the deck/hull. It is taking very little pressure to hold everything aligned in the center 2/3 of the boat. I have glued strips to the inside top edges of the hull in the areas that are out of alignment. I have used these strips on other boats and they worked well. This time, by the time I got them planed down to where they need to be to close the deck/hull gap I am just adding width to the top strip as the deck is so flat.
I can get everything aligned by screwing vertical 2x4's to my table then squeezing the tops together to pull the hull in then using cargo straps and filiment tape to pull them together. I can make everything look good. The problem is it takes me 30-40 minutes to get both ends clamped down. I need to find a faster way or the epoxy will set up before I am done.
If I can find a way to get everything lined up quicker I will glue both ends together then remove the internal bracing and tape the interior then tape the exterior - or so I am thinking at this moment.
I tried working in the shop this morning but after 3 hrs. of furnace running the best I could get was 61 degrees - to cold for my old bones :(
Extended forecast - from 9 above to 11 below :((