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Tools: Building a strip thickness sander

I have recently made a thickness sander that is basically a jig that fits on my belt sander. It allows me to sand strips down much thinner than a planer can. In fact I can sand wood strips as thin as veneer if I want.

That means that I can do inlays with wood that I can't get in a veneer, I don't have to buy a whole sheet if I only need small pieces, and I can make my own veneers from some kind of special wood that is either too unstable to run through a planer or perhaps has some kind of sentimental attachment (maybe I want to use wood from that childhood cherry tree in my yard).

I don't make or sell plans and even if I did, there are too many kinds of belt sanders for that to even be possible. By looking at the video I made of it I think everyone here will understand how it's done. It's pretty simple.

Hope someone here can use such a tool. If you make one, let me know. I'd like to see how others approach the task.

Paul M