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Skin-on-Frame: Siskiwit Bay SOF build

Hi all,
A year ago I started a thread, asking about the relative strength and flexibility add weight of "fuselage frame" vs rib construction, which ended in a semantic discussion of the word "fuselage".
I took all the suggestions to heart, and built a "hybrid" (= "fusion", = "combination") of frames and ribs, of Bryan Hansel's Siskiwit Bay SOF. My half time report is on his website. You can see it here:
The frames ensure hat the shape is correct, the ribs allow easier entry than a frame at the front of the cockpit, and the lashings give flexibility. I chose this kayak after having paddled the NDK Pilgrim, the Zegul Arrow Nuka and the Kayman Fury, all for lightweight paddlers. The large frames are strengthened across the top with a ⅜" x ¾" beam glued to them. Part 2, the skinning and finishing, will continue after the temperatures get above freezing again.