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Re: Strip: Strip Thickness
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I tried planing strips a couple of times but found it was one step not required as ripped strips work just fine.
When I did plane strips I used a strip of 1/4"x12"x96" plywood. I glued a 3/16"x1" strip across one end about 8" in from the end. I played 6-8 strips on this plywood with the ends butted to the 3/16" strip. The plywood supported the strips, the 3/16" strip pushed then through and being 8" from the end of the plywood prevented planner snip at the end of my strips. Worked excellent. Never had a strip "explode" and at 6-8 strips per shot it only took about 20 minutes to do a boats worth of strips.
You need some good infeed/outfeed support for planing strips. My longest strips are 10' so relatively easy. You guys using 12/14/16' strips will have a fun job trying to plane them. I use to plane the full board so I started with the same width strips but now, because I rip many diffeerent widths for different areas of the boat I don't even do that any more.
Now I agree with some of the other opinions, I like the saw marks as an indicator of where I am sanding and I enjoy sanding :) I like the 'feel' of the boat, kinda developes a personal relationship with it :_)