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Re: Strip: deck fitting
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I epoxied wood "brackets" at the bow and stern of my first build a decade ago for the decklines (and used webbing secured by bolts-washer-locknut for the remaining attachment points). I liked the appearance of the wood brackets, which matched the deck centerline, but after a couple of years of use they failed and just popped off one day under load. Others may have ideas on how to increase the strength of the epoxy bond, but I haven't relied on them again for deck lines.

The load on the deck is spread by the use of the washer so bolts are very secure and do not stress the deck if properly installed (i.e. if the wood is sealed with epoxy where the hole is drilled).

On the minus side, the appearance of handcarved wooden backets is arguably a lot nicer and, unlike the fg/nylon deck hardware, you wouldn't be inclined to remove them every time you revarnish the deck (not that doing so is necessary).