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Re: Strip: deck fitting
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I liked the appearance of the wood brackets, which matched the deck centerline, but after a couple of years of use they failed and just popped off one day under load. Others may have ideas on how to increase the strength of the epoxy bond, but I haven't relied on them again for deck lines.

I've had glass padeyes pop off a bulkhead or kayak interior a couple of times in spite of what I thought was good surface prep and epoxy bonding. So now I add glass tape over the padeye ends when installing.
And those padeyes were just holding shock cord, not used for lifting the boat (like a deck line fitting).

Whatever the fitting and attachment, it's easy enough to make up a test panel and do some destructive testing...Perhaps Paul could modify his drywall test jig for that!
(Or a hammer will do....just like in beginner welding class...)