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Re: Tools: About the design :-)
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Im not an expert paddler. But I do have some experience.
I have been paddling since around 1999-2000 or something like that. I used to paddle Kirton Inuk, Current Design Extreme ( and a little bit Vyneck ) and liked a paddling day with 25+ kilometers. Carpal tunnel syndrom then set in and I joined the rollers club. Qaanaq 512 & Anas Acuta were then the favorites. But they kind of scrunk on me :-/ and I became more invested in teaching in the local kayakclub and doing foul weather and waves in kayaks like Romany, NDK Explorer and the Q-boat.
Today I use my NDK Explorer and in the stable I have Vyneck, Inuk and a homebuilt Shrike.
I imagine that I have a fair idea about what the stripbuilt should be like :-)

For the hull I would like something ala the Tiderace pace 18. Pretty basic and straightforward I guess.
For the deck I am going lower than the tiderace and the Inuk since i dont have long legs.

The deck layout is going to be with a few accent/contrast ? stripes or some other bragging stuff ;-) but probably with kajaksport hatches and normal rigging with elastics and ropes. ( and the rigging and the contrast stripes has to match up somehow )

The cockpit rim will be sized for me to lean backwards and stick my feet out. Not longer, not shorter.

Bookmatching...... I looks really good, and when I cut the wood I will see if there is any interesting patterns.
Somebody commented " Just shuffle the strips and used them randomly" ...........
Im an Engineer !! !!! :-(

Time is not an issue. I have other kayaks I can use, and the project is also going to be the remedy against stress from work. Just one or two strips every second evening is fine :-)