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Re: Strip: deck fitting *PIC*
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Rbodelon, thank you for the description and photo's. Looks like a doable project for me except I am not seeing how they will work in the bow/stern areas where I no longer have interior access. I may make your recessed design for everywhere except those areas and try to make the same design with reversed lips so they insert from the outside.

Perhaps you could make a straight-sided cup which you could insert and then slide a wider stainless bar into pre-drilled holes so the bar would be secure and strong under the deck and the cup would handle the waterproofing.

Sort of a wooden version of the Alderson PVC deck fitting??

Those fittings get a blob of thickened epoxy and glass fabric on the backside, but you may be able to get away with just gluing a wood version....

Or, put a 4" inspection hatch in that bulkhead and pull fittings through from the inside.