Small Boat Design

Discussions around designing small boats including kayaks and canoes.

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Kayak and Canoe Design Archive

want information on shape of canoes11/9/1999, 4:22 pm
Interested in a trip around Lake Ontario?11/3/1999, 10:40 pm
free kayak plans?11/3/1999, 9:21 pm
To Nick schade...11/3/1999, 4:30 pm
Setting up a sailing kayak11/2/1999, 9:03 am
sit-on-top double10/31/1999, 9:24 am
How does prismatic coefficient affect design?10/30/1999, 2:55 pm
constant camber10/29/1999, 5:10 pm
Plastic Kayaks10/25/1999, 8:12 am
More inuit rules.10/23/1999, 5:53 pm, 7:00 pm
Inuit rules for kayak design.10/19/1999, 1:45 pm
concrete canoe design10/14/1999, 10:31 pm
Flatwater squirt boat10/10/1999, 9:49 pm
Block coefficient and prismatic coefficients9/22/1999, 9:31 pm
Suction and such...9/17/1999, 11:42 am
White Water Offsets9/16/1999, 2:43 pm
Reducing beam9/11/1999, 4:59 pm
terms of stability9/10/1999, 12:00 pm
Fishing kayak9/10/1999, 12:03 am
Convert a canoe from paddling to rowing9/9/1999, 12:08 pm
I would like to design a kayak9/8/1999, 7:13 pm
How long is too long?9/2/1999, 4:16 pm
clc northbay scaled to double?8/30/1999, 9:53 am
Scaling the Size the the Guillemot8/22/1999, 4:38 pm
Dynamic versus static weight8/11/1999, 5:45 pm
Flat pannel S&G software8/11/1999, 3:38 pm
Loon 1388/6/1999, 6:06 am
need plans for stitch-n-glue sit on top8/1/1999, 5:57 pm
yaks for smaller folks? 5'2", 130#7/26/1999, 10:54 pm
Outrigger freeboard7/20/1999, 5:51 pm
Assymetric paddle blades7/12/1999, 9:09 am
racing kayaks7/8/1999, 3:03 pm
Effects of width/heigth scaling on hull qualities7/6/1999, 7:11 am
FIBERGLASS PLANS6/28/1999, 5:58 pm
Little Auk SOT6/25/1999, 4:29 pm
plans??6/22/1999, 10:05 pm
Laughing Loon North Star or Panache6/21/1999, 12:59 pm
Henry Dean6/10/1999, 11:42 am
Hull shape and crispness of leaned turns6/10/1999, 4:00 am
Another Online Design Philosophy Resource6/9/1999, 9:26 am
Antique kayak6/7/1999, 4:34 pm
Putty for cedar strips?6/5/1999, 2:11 am
Inuit rules for building kayaks.5/25/1999, 3:46 pm
Does anyone know??5/25/1999, 10:16 am
Design and Strip Layout Tool5/21/1999, 6:05 pm
painting a stitch and glue5/20/1999, 1:43 pm
Eskimo rules for design.5/18/1999, 11:54 am
Kid sized?5/14/1999, 5:34 pm
New Wave Systems hull design software5/11/1999, 6:06 pm
baidarka modifications to Chesapeake 17LT5/10/1999, 6:28 pm
fishing boat plans?5/8/1999, 10:45 pm
modifying guillemot for big feet5/2/1999, 3:16 pm
V.I.T.W. double4/30/1999, 2:31 pm
Hull Design Programs4/30/1999, 1:49 pm
Hull design help.4/29/1999, 12:26 pm
Replace support bar4/29/1999, 12:32 am
Finish coat over epoxy4/21/1999, 9:34 pm
shortened kayak4/21/1999, 11:34 am
ADMIN! SPAM will be deleted 4/10/1999, 10:42 am
Which design??4/9/1999, 6:10 pm
Kid-yak?4/8/1999, 9:40 pm
voice in the woods, med. vol. double?4/3/1999, 10:31 am
books on coaching, paddling, competition technique4/1/1999, 12:02 pm
Stitch and glue Baidarka3/24/1999, 6:34 pm
Great Auk Offsets Question3/16/1999, 9:27 pm
making changes to existing designs3/15/1999, 7:16 pm
reverse transom3/11/1999, 4:30 pm
Playboat3/4/1999, 11:12 pm
compound/tortured plywood design3/2/1999, 8:33 am
What boat to build?2/25/1999, 2:00 pm
low,med volume double designs2/24/1999, 2:12 pm
Razor-Billed Auk2/24/1999, 11:19 am
Surf Kayaks2/19/1999, 1:41 pm
Computer assisted design2/15/1999, 3:02 pm
Kayaks for big guys2/9/1999, 11:03 pm
calm sea competition kayak2/7/1999, 12:38 pm
stretch single to double2/6/1999, 6:19 pm
Drawing Fullsized Plans1/31/1999, 12:14 pm
Hullform 6s users1/28/1999, 1:17 am
Big feet1/25/1999, 11:19 pm
Subscription Test1/21/1999, 9:43 am
Congratulations!1/20/1999, 1:23 pm
larger hulls?1/20/1999, 12:38 pm
Welcome!1/19/1999, 10:51 am
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