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Double Cockpit Placement

I'd like some advise on cockpit placement. I have lofted the offsets from Nick's book for a Guillemot double in my CAD program and am attempting to place the cockpits properly. From the notes on the web page it looks like the cockpits are 73.5 inches center-to-center. I assumed the COM (Center Of Mass) of each paddler is 15 inches forward of the rear of the cockpit. I used an MS Excel spreadsheet and goal seeking to balance the equation for a 230 lb. rear and 130 lb. front paddler.

The result places the rear paddler's COM 26" back from the CB (Center of Bouyancy) and the front paddler's 46" forward of the CB. It looks like this either means my paddling partner's feet will be wedged into the bow or I will have to swap positions and let her steer all the time. Does the above make sense? Any other ideas? If the distance between cockpits is reduced it helps some but I have no idea how close they can be. I know I could either lose some weight or have my wife gain some but neither of those is preferred.

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Double Cockpit Placement
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