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making sence of things?

I am new... thought I would get that out first so I dont come over as some sort of dumbie (as I am)

Ive downloaded the free stitch and glue plan drawings from the site and the two offset pictures and printed them out to try to understand what I will be doing.
They are in inches as it says but a couple of little questions if I may?

1) The forms being the moulds that the ply boards would be built around I am assuming??

2) I understand that boat building is done in feet inches and 1/8", if the measurements / numbers given are in feet, inches and 1/8" how does one convert say in the form offsets the figures for "position 20" of 6.55, 4.35, 2.23, -0.41, -2.51 for the height into feet inches and 1/8"?

3 Reletive to the panel offsets the figure at position 6 of 24.19 = ? in inches and 1/8"? I take this to be from the picture of the layout from the baseline to the outer line of the bottom board at this position 20 am I right? so what is the .19? The 22 I am assuming is 22inches from the base line its the .19 I am having problems with. This is the same for the second figure for the bottom I take it that the figure of 22.56 is the measurement from the lower line of the bottom board again am I right? so what is the .56?

If someone could explain how I can come to a place of understanding these figures it would be a great help!

Could anyone clarify this for me please? I would like to have a go at this build to get started, as someone said somewhere "The first boat should be seen as a sacraficial build" but I dont want to totally annihalate myself on the first build by mucking up the measurements!


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