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hi there - just read your note, it sounds a little different. would a rudder set up not do to combat wind problems for the coho. Being a beginner - just ordered my first coho boat I am interested. You have obviously had lots of experience. Would it be easier fitting the 'front rudder' whilst making it...or would you advise just have a go before you hit the water? I will be travelling in light to heavy winds around the New Zealand coast. Sean Moore.

: hi pete, some random thoughts

: by any chance is the bungee horizontal, thereby pullin gthe slotted skeg up
: and jamming at the back? if so, would orienting the bungee downwards say
: 22.5deg(half the deployment) help keep in place?

: would it make any sense to add pces on top of the box and gasket it to the
: hatch bottom? then when you cinch down the hatch, you get the seal.

: would it make any sense to exit the lines from the back of the box say thru
: dirlled holes thru the ctr of 1/2in diam dowels. say the dowels are 1 in
: long and stick out the back like 1in long nipples. then get out yr condoms
: and cut the ends off 2 of them put one end on each nipple and tape/clamp
: on. pull the condoms out and clamp to the lines. now have a water tight
: seal for the lines, that can move back and forth about 8ins or so. (that
: is how long yours are, no??)

: or maybe those ribbed gaskets on some car throttle lines. i/m sure i/ve seen
: something like this.
: so the idea is to let the gasket just seal and deal w/ the lines another way.

: another real simple way would be to cut the top of the hatch to the box
: profile. it'll still seall the yak inside but leaves the box open. then do
: the lines on top, doesn't matter if it leaks. and if suction is an issue,
: there'll be none

: -mick

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