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sea kayak for day trips, fish, touring, and surf

Hi all, this is my first post to this bulletin board. I am looking for a kayak design to do day trips, fishing, touring and surfing. I live near Moreton Bay off Brisbane, Australia, which is a "protected" bay which can get quite rough at times. Also not far away from the surfing beaches (not very often) and the ocean. Also want to do some fishing, both fresh and salt water from the kayak at times, and the odd touring trip and some over nights.

I am 6 ft tall weighing about 200 pounds. My experiences are with with canadian canoes and a flat water TK1 kayak which I own and use.

With my tools, I would have to build an S & G kayak, and have considered the Chesapeake 17, Pygmy QC 17, a local kayak kit, and the Guillemot S&G increased by a factor of say 1.06 or 1.07. I have bought the book "the new kayak shop" and have wondered about increasing the size of the 16 or simply building the WR18.

Being in Australia, I would have to build from a plan, and any plan is double the price because of our low dollar.

The main question, has anyone used the Ches 17, QC 17 or the Guillemot S&G for all the above functions, and how suitable are they? Or is there another design that does all?

How the the kayaks handle in wind and waves?