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Flat water kayak


I have recently moved to Ocala FL and I am entertaining the idea of building several kayaks. I have two kids 5 and 7 who are dying to go paddling. Both swim and love the water. I have looked at some of the rotomolded sea kayaks and some of the stitch/glue boats. Most of these seem to be either white water or touring boats. My paddling will be in moderately tight quarters on small rivers.

I can either buy plans and build in the garage during the winter or...if I had some solid general parameters, I'd design it myself. I've been in the power boat design / mfg industry for years, so I believe I have the skills to design / build one of these if I knew some general dimensions for a flat water kayak. much keel rocker?
How abruptly does the keel transition into the stem / transom?
If I use a single panel for the bottom, what deadrise angle should I use midship / fore and aft?

Thanks in advance


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Flat water kayak
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