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Follow up on forms printing

Last night I decided to print position 220 of my design in order to determine the precision of the printing software.

The output of the printer is full of details, 20mm squares, diagonal lines, waterline, shearline and more. I was very pleased with this precision. It took 8 pages of 8.5x11 to print the complete form. Glueing it all together is quite a job and even with all these lines you still have to be very carefull.

My problem lies with the printer control. I would have loved to see a precision adjustment slider (see kayak foundry)where you can adjust the final output.

In my case, the 20mm x 20mm squares are a little bigger.
8 squares x 8 squares should give me 160mm x 160mm however I obtain 161.6mm x 161.6mm

Translated in the form dimensions: where I should have a width of 552.6mm, I get 558.0mm
For the draft I should have 118.2mm but I get 119.0mm
For the deck height I should have 255.6mm but I have 258.0mm
For the total height I should have 373.8mm but I get 377.0mm

In other words, my forms seem to be 1 percent bigger than asked for.

What to do?


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