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Fast Greenland Kayaks/ World Record Attempt *LINK*

Here is a question for you all: I am currently gearing up for an attempt on the 24 Hour World Record for Endurance Kayaking. For this record attempt, I need a kayak that is fast,as well as comfortable enough to paddle for a 24 hour period. I am currently paddling a Necky Looksha II Race, Carbon/ Kevlar kayak( 20' by 20") compliments of Necky Kayaks on loan for this record bid, set for late August.. This kayak has won numerous sea kayak races over the last several years and is indeed a very fast kayak! My question is: What Greenland or Baidarka style kayak would be a good alternative to the Necky for this record bid? This posting is in regards to speed,as well as enough comfort for a 24 hour endurance paddle. To do this in a Greenland style kayak and with a greenland paddle would be awesome! I look forward to your input and comments.

Cheers....Joe O'