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Polyester Resin versus Epoxy

I used to think of epoxy as the king of "glues" - atleast for my boatbuilding needs but Im rethinking some ideas. After a visit to an auto parts store, some reading on gelcoats for boats, Im wondering the following...

If polyester resin is such a cheap poor alternative to using epoxy, why is it the number one selling automotive autobody glassing resin/catalyst? Cars sit outside, subfreezing awful weather, get rained on, snowed on and iced over, then bake in the sub, albeit under a coat of paint.

The theres boats, gelcoats are polyester resin. Or so Ive read, whats more these hulls will sit in the water the entire life of the boat [virtually] where as epoxy/glass hulls are said to not fair well in constant water submersion, and whats more the epoxy finishes dont hold up as welkl when left outdoors.
It seems so less resilient than polyester resin for wetting out glass and such.

Im beginning to wonder what the point is in buying epoxy if its so much more apparently less durable than polyester resin. And if its not, then why arent boat hulls and car bodies built with epoxy instead of polyester resin.

As it is Im finishing up a project in epoxy resin, but I really wonder what the point is for future endeavors, aside from polyester resins gadawful stink.


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