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Sit-On-Top/Skin-on-Frame hybrid

Does anyone have any thoughts or ideas on combining the lightweight qualities of a skin on frame design with the versatility of a sit on top? I've been thinking about this and thought about using the Sea Cruiser design from Tom Yost's site as a starting point. I thought that if I widened the beam to 28 inches and extended the cockpit area (without a coaming)to around 57 inches forward of the backrest using solid/sealed bulkheads on both ends of the cockpit, that it might work. I think that I might have to raise the gunnels a little as well to keep out water, and install a couple of scuppers through the floor using PVC tubes (gluing them to cutouts in the PVC skin) for rapid drainage. The cockpit area would be sealed from the rest of the boat using thin okoume plywood with fibreglass. For extra stability, I'm thinking of making the widest point of the beam a straight vertical angle from gunnel to chine. The decks would have zippers for easy access to extra storage and/or removal of incidental water. If possible, inflatable bladders could be stored somewhere below decks for additional safety/buoyancy. Tom, if you're reading this, I'd like your feedback on this concept. I think it might prove worthwhile for anyone like myself that lives in warm weather (Florida) where sit on tops are more popular.

Damian Chuck

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Sit-On-Top/Skin-on-Frame hybrid
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