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searching for S&G Canoe design

Hi All

I'm searching for a S&G Canoe serving as a platfrom for longer river trips
Some Details: I plan a 2500km trip at River Danube (Europe)So I'll face larger bodies of water, sometimes wind and waves, boat wakes, portages at river dams and to the camp sites. I plan to take up to 4 paddlers (crew weight after Christmas actually 220kg = 460lb, Parents +2 kids (9, 14))+ gear for the 2 month trip. The need for food and water is limited to a 2-3 days quantity. I guess I need a payload of app. 320kg = 750lbs. Due to the long trip speed and tracking are required. As I do not intent to run whitewater I can live with a slow turning boat.
I know I'm asking a lot from the ship.
Till know I've buit a S&G Pygmy Coho and a Pygmy Osprey 13. Thats why I prefere S&G over strip design.

Has anyone an idea about an available design / plan
Does anyone know, how the Pygmy Taiga would fit to my needs

Best thanks