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strip plank - racing ski *LINK*

I want to build a strip plank racing ski similar to a Fenn Millenium.

I have already built a couple of strip sea kayaks but I want something that will go a bit faster. I like the design of the mystery and the K1's but I would prefer a boat I can easily get back in to if I fall out in open water. Rough dimensions 6000-6400mm long by 440mm wide.

If I can not find a plan I will have to measure a boat that I know and draw it out or use a CAD package.

1)Does anyone know where I can find designs of racing skis?
2)Has anyone got experience making racing skis using strip planks?
3)is it a hard process to measure a boat and draw it up?

I have place a link to the type of boat I am interested in-

Cheers Harry