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: Thanks Mike and Bennie,

: here's a little more clarity...hopefully, my family and I go camping quite
: often, towing our camper (a '64 airstream). about half the time, maybe
: more, we go to places where a boat would be great (fishing/exploring). but
: it has to be a car-topper. and I usually use a small outboard or trolling
: motor.

: to me, a canoe makes more sense than hauling three small kayaks. (i have twin
: daughters - 10yrs - that love to fish with me.)

: most recently, I ran across this design (see url) and really like the looks
: and size of it. Maybe reducing it to something closer to 14' and I wonder
: if I could car-top it (onto a suburban) with the help of one of the
: 'helping hand' type devices I've seen around? it is basically a big fat
: square stern canoe.

: what do you think about just shortening this design by about 2ft... and
: leaving everything else as is.

Hi Doug,
That looks a good boat for what usage you're interested in.
Shortening can be done to most boats, or lengthening, but usually has a maximum change of 10%. Beyond that tends to put the design into new waters, it's a different boat with different behaviour.
Shortening by 10% would give you 14'6", if that would give you clearance of the camper.
If you contact the designer, he might be able to advise you on how short you could go.

I'm not sure about how high a Suburban is (I'm a recunbent triker, everything is higher than me) but at 88lbs, some assist system would be very handy. I see sailing dinghy's being cartopped all summer here, they're a bit heavier so the Sport boat should be car-topable.
It looks better than the Ridge River canoe. And at 43" beam it give the girls more chance of moving about, important with youngster.

Mike savage
South West Cork

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