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Have a choice to make


Looking to make a double. This will be my second build, the first being a cottage canoe from Moore's canoecraft - good fun.

I am pretty inexperienced but physically active. Paddler weight is about 90 and 70 kg (170-180cm hight), but likely to get young teenagers using it.
Want to do more extended touring in fairly quiet water and sheltered bays/esturies - say waves to 1m. duration of trips probably max 5 days.

I have narrowed the choice to about three:
the Cape ann double -
the Reliance from bear mountain
and a Guilemott double (probably the geate Auk)-

Any advice on these, and what I might not know (lots) about the differences.

Oh yes - I was really looking for something around the 19' mark simply because of building space, but didnt get there.

thanks dave

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