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1950 wooden kayak

My son and I restored a wooden Kayak a couple of years ago. My neighbor who was retired said that his father built it from a kit in the 1950s. The frame and deck are made of plywood. It has a fiberglass skin on the hull. It has a flat bottom with a 1 -2 inch keel along the entire length. There is no rudder. The seats pivot: in the down position, the seats are back supports for kayak paddling. In the up position, the seats rest on the deck and allow the paddler to paddle like a canoe.

The interior has 4 strips of wood that go the length of the boat. The paddler sits on the strips.

The shape is wide. It is very heavy so it floats low on the water. It has an open cabin surrounded on both sides by two solid wood curved strips about 1 inches wide at the base.

It has a slot for what we think may be a combination keel- like structure and mast so it can be a day sailer.

This boat is a lake boat.

Does this boat sound familiar to you? I am hoping to find the manufacturer so I can purchase replacement hardware for the seats and the keel mast combination.

Best Regards,

Larry Zommick

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1950 wooden kayak
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