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URGENT:queries on design of kayak.

Respected sir,
we are having a in-house sort of rowing boat race. The type of boat and specifications all have to be decided, designed, fabricated and rowed (by two paddlers) by the team themselves.I'm thinking of designing a kayak(build material F.R.P)when comparing with one our other team who is planning a wooden row-boat(having two paddles fixed at the fulcrum). Which boat do you think is the most appropriate for the race? Any other suggestions are always welcome sir.
The course of river is downstream and has waves with 8-10m depth.
If I'm right on to go with kayak for this race, could anyone help in detail on designing the two paddler kayak.
Hoping for your reply,
Thanking you in advance,


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URGENT:queries on design of kayak.
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