Small Boat Design

Discussions around designing small boats including kayaks and canoes.

Announce: Welcome to the Design Forum

Welcome to the Reconstituted Kayak and Canoe Design Forum

This discussion forum is devoted to conversations about topics related to designing small boats - primarily kayaks and canoes - but may range out to any boat that you might imagine putting on the roof of a car. Topics related to computer aided design, hydrodynamics, hydrostatics, material properties, etc. are all possible. This is the place to discuss and learn about the what makes small boats work the way they do. If you want to know what "prismatic coefficient" is and how it effects the performance of your boat, this is the place to ask. If you have a new idea for a modification and want to get some feed back, please feel free to post your thoughts here.
On an historical note, this forum used to run here for years, but due to administrative issues I let it die for a while. With the installation of a new script, administration should be easier and I've decided to bring this and some of the other forums back to life.