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Revised question

I need to revise my initial question becuase it has no answer. I had said "also assume the straight sides of the hull continue under the water line at least as far as would be affected and exposed by the 10 degree angle of heel. In other words, only straight portions of the sides will become newly wet or dry when the boat tilts."

Well, that's not possible because I've just calculated that if the straight sides contintued under water that far, they would consume more volume by themselves than is required for the whole craft. So just strike that description, making things very, very simple: you have straight sides above the water, and beginning at the water line, you begin your bottom shape of either a V, an oval/elipse, a box (flat bottom), or any other shape you like. What shape has best initial stability through about 10 degrees, and if it's the box shape, could you enhance its stability even more by exagerating the depth at its edges?