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Solar charging VHF Icom M1V?11/8/2003, 10:57 pm
"Trail By Water"...Bay of Fundy Death 2002 Update! *LINK*11/6/2003, 5:20 pm
Anyone ever see sharks off Napatree Point? *NM*11/6/2003, 4:32 pm
Shark Attack11/4/2003, 9:52 am
Have a look at this!11/3/2003, 6:26 pm
Water level for a river near you! *LINK*11/2/2003, 8:15 pm
And you thought carbon fiber was expensive???11/2/2003, 6:36 am
More gear reviews11/2/2003, 6:24 am
Fishform - Swedeform11/1/2003, 1:05 am
Meridian Platinum DOES have a thermometer10/31/2003, 6:54 pm
discoloring of a red boat10/29/2003, 12:33 pm
fishform vs sweedeform10/26/2003, 4:47 pm
Paddle question...10/25/2003, 6:38 pm
Sea States rating system10/25/2003, 4:56 pm
Back bands revisted (or: Why a band over foam?)10/25/2003, 12:14 pm
Brunton Kayak Compass and Magellan GPS questions *Pic*10/23/2003, 10:29 am
Glove gripes10/23/2003, 2:32 am
back bands10/21/2003, 6:39 pm
I hate you guys10/20/2003, 11:31 am
Deaths on Cape Cod10/19/2003, 2:37 pm
Paddling with your DOG10/15/2003, 6:32 pm
New paddle advice10/15/2003, 1:22 pm
Foliage is near peak in NH *Pic*10/13/2003, 9:15 pm
Another question about kids10/13/2003, 5:04 pm
Storm Waves *LINK* *Pic*10/13/2003, 7:58 am
Help with Yakima Hullraisers10/10/2003, 5:50 pm
Thinkin' of sunshine10/6/2003, 7:22 pm
Launching Surface Preference10/6/2003, 4:00 pm
Discovery Channel, right now!10/5/2003, 11:01 am
trimming a boat10/4/2003, 10:03 am
Niagara attempt ! *LINK*10/2/2003, 12:45 am
Kayak Anxiety and Other Greenland Illnesses10/1/2003, 3:04 am
Dictionary?9/30/2003, 8:39 am
Pintail + Big Guy9/29/2003, 11:16 pm
Rescued One - Disaster Averted9/29/2003, 2:55 pm
Skerray: Review please9/27/2003, 3:46 am
long boat surfing in eft or glider9/26/2003, 2:27 pm
Update on tandem solo9/26/2003, 10:56 am
How to do a flatwater...9/25/2003, 7:34 pm
Many thanks and one more pawlatta question...9/24/2003, 9:35 pm
Pawlatta Question9/23/2003, 6:33 pm
Isabelle has come and gone9/23/2003, 3:05 pm
Tandem Kayak solo?9/23/2003, 7:46 am
Hey Lee G9/22/2003, 11:06 am
Kayak Race Photo Finishes *LINK* *Pic*9/19/2003, 1:54 pm
Mirage 580 *LINK*9/19/2003, 4:46 am
Laid Back........Pros and Cons9/18/2003, 10:44 am
Thoughts and prayers for our east coast friends9/16/2003, 11:35 am
Door edge moulding for paddle blade9/15/2003, 9:05 pm
Verlen Kruger *LINK*9/15/2003, 8:31 pm
deep water - open boat9/15/2003, 3:50 pm
Night paddling solo....touched by the hand of G-d9/14/2003, 6:09 pm
911 call leaves boaters dead *NM* *LINK*9/14/2003, 1:33 pm
Hey Nick, how about deleting this nonsense? *NM*9/12/2003, 12:41 pm
Horizontal Falls, Talbot Bay *LINK* *Pic*9/10/2003, 1:21 am
explorer hv9/9/2003, 7:05 pm
Tahsis, one hot boat!9/9/2003, 5:01 pm
paddles and night safety9/9/2003, 10:40 am
The power of nature *Pic*9/9/2003, 10:36 am
Hat found9/8/2003, 12:47 pm
Northern Wilderness Triathlon paddle9/8/2003, 11:45 am
Brianne and Other Bikers........Heads UP9/6/2003, 11:04 am
Arctic Boat Weekend *LINK*9/5/2003, 3:13 pm
Satellite Imagery Bermuda *LINK*9/5/2003, 3:03 pm
Where I'm coming from9/4/2003, 10:59 pm
Q700 - Handling/skill level question *Pic*9/4/2003, 3:41 pm
ICom M1V Waterproof Case9/4/2003, 3:11 pm
NEWSPAPER ARTICLE!!9/4/2003, 11:56 am
Thoughts and prayers for Bermuda9/4/2003, 11:00 am
Bombproof Rolling........A Myth Methinks9/4/2003, 11:00 am
EJ on bombproofing your roll *LINK*9/4/2003, 1:10 am
Greenland techniques.....9/3/2003, 2:01 am
Anchoring9/2/2003, 9:07 pm
fastest corrective actions...9/2/2003, 1:06 pm
Tell me anything bad about Seaward Vision9/1/2003, 5:49 pm
24 Hour World Record Attempt Results & Trip Report *LINK*9/1/2003, 1:30 pm
High Brace Tips9/1/2003, 2:56 am
Is this a virus???8/30/2003, 4:39 pm
Paddle "Limping"8/30/2003, 4:11 pm
Bumping up the Thread on Swimmer Rescue8/30/2003, 3:56 am
Interesting survival tool8/29/2003, 4:18 pm
plastic kayak (skerray)8/29/2003, 2:19 pm
Beautiful photos *LINK*8/29/2003, 2:36 am
seat heighth8/27/2003, 7:25 pm
Swimmer Rescue techniques8/27/2003, 11:11 am
Some sites you might like8/26/2003, 11:03 pm
Help me string my skeg?8/26/2003, 9:05 pm
Incident report: Ferry boat damned near killed me *Pic*8/23/2003, 8:40 pm
Lake Baikal Sea Kayak Circumnavigation *LINK*8/23/2003, 12:19 pm
Rob's Big River Trip Continues in 20048/22/2003, 2:12 am
Sexy boats !8/21/2003, 10:34 pm
Forward Stroke: 2003 Version 1.38/21/2003, 4:39 pm
What is this Loki?8/21/2003, 3:10 am
Unabashed plug for "Deep Trouble"8/19/2003, 9:53 pm
BUMPING up Randy on Unfeathered Blade8/19/2003, 4:12 am
The instinctive roll8/18/2003, 11:07 pm
Necky Chatham8/18/2003, 5:31 pm
The West is the Best LOL8/17/2003, 9:07 pm
General Purpose Rope8/17/2003, 5:28 pm
Getting the Edge *LINK*8/16/2003, 5:18 pm
learning from video?8/16/2003, 4:51 am
Arctic Boat Weekend *LINK* *Pic*8/15/2003, 3:44 pm
Inadvertent Rescue Practice8/9/2003, 2:34 am
No helmet, serious regret8/8/2003, 4:40 pm
more paddle questions.8/7/2003, 3:51 pm
Feathering8/5/2003, 9:18 pm
Float plans8/5/2003, 11:46 am
paddle length- old dog learning8/5/2003, 11:30 am
Where to get a good kayaking bumper sticker?8/4/2003, 2:07 pm
Advice needed: What kayak should I buy next?8/4/2003, 10:25 am
Of Tides and Current... *LINK* *Pic*8/2/2003, 9:00 am
NDK Romany/Poseidon8/1/2003, 8:09 am
Canoe and Kayak Scam Kills 1,000 Americans *LINK*7/29/2003, 10:11 pm
Blackburn race7/28/2003, 11:08 am
Canadian Marine Liability Act?7/27/2003, 8:46 pm
Roud hull *Pic*7/25/2003, 6:54 pm
Wetsuit7/24/2003, 6:24 pm
Northern Ca.BCU Skills Symposium 20037/23/2003, 11:29 am
FYI... New kayaks vs Harley?7/23/2003, 9:22 am
Equip: bentshaft paddles7/22/2003, 11:16 am
Kayak disciplines *LINK*7/20/2003, 5:34 pm
Flares7/19/2003, 10:08 pm
dinner with Ian7/19/2003, 2:04 am
False perceptions of sea kayaking7/18/2003, 12:37 am
no more fooling around7/17/2003, 8:20 pm
Dagger Outburst7/16/2003, 11:17 pm
foggy glasses7/16/2003, 6:39 pm
Gulf of Maine Oceanographic Observation System *LINK*7/15/2003, 7:52 pm
New GP question7/15/2003, 2:21 am
Perception Avatar 16 vs. Greenland style7/14/2003, 11:35 pm
More GP Questions7/13/2003, 5:30 pm
Help me with dumb questions please on GP7/12/2003, 11:06 am
Paddle Shape7/10/2003, 5:35 pm
Kayaking Love Story7/10/2003, 2:21 am
Roll Aid Back Up7/10/2003, 12:20 am
Gussets7/9/2003, 10:26 pm
learning to lean7/9/2003, 9:31 pm
I lost my Roll7/9/2003, 5:11 pm
Too nice power vessels!!7/9/2003, 12:51 am
Good News !!7/8/2003, 10:35 pm
been there ? done that?7/8/2003, 9:13 pm
Blame assessment.7/7/2003, 2:00 pm
Bumping up the Fundy Incident....7/6/2003, 2:57 pm
Yakima Hullraisers7/5/2003, 1:46 pm
Kayak Death Bay of Fundy...Full Article *LINK*7/3/2003, 1:49 pm
Cooperstown rescue courses?7/3/2003, 1:40 pm
If you had $250 to buy a pair of 'nocs...7/3/2003, 12:54 pm
Epic Kayaks7/2/2003, 12:28 pm
rack for '99 VW Eurovan7/1/2003, 2:34 pm
OT Sudden spam to a dedicated E-mail7/1/2003, 4:08 am
Thank You6/30/2003, 8:43 am
test nm *NM*6/30/2003, 8:35 am
VI Coast Guard's take on EPIRB's6/29/2003, 11:51 pm
More incidents for your amusement/learning6/29/2003, 9:51 pm
S&G Night Heron on the water *Pic*6/29/2003, 9:43 am
paddle grip for kids and smaller paddlers6/28/2003, 6:18 pm
The offside roll6/27/2003, 10:58 pm
Kayak Death Bay of Fundy *LINK*6/26/2003, 1:30 pm
Tides6/25/2003, 8:08 pm
underwater repair ? ---6/25/2003, 5:39 pm
Rolling vs Bracing6/24/2003, 1:12 pm
How dry is your dry top?6/24/2003, 11:43 am
Blue Fin6/24/2003, 10:00 am
GP - First Try6/23/2003, 12:24 pm
dry suit advice6/23/2003, 8:36 am
jet turbine6/22/2003, 7:16 pm
Another king *Pic*6/22/2003, 3:04 pm
MOVING BACK TO VANCOUVER!!!!!!!!!!6/21/2003, 6:47 pm
High Wake Scenerio iIlustrated *Pic*6/21/2003, 5:48 pm
Opinions about the Extra. Saber PFD6/20/2003, 12:04 am
Safety Again6/19/2003, 9:01 pm
S&G Night Heron Debuts at MATB: WOW! *Pic*6/18/2003, 8:46 pm
waterprofing viedo equipment6/18/2003, 12:27 pm
Canadian Lifejacket Regulation6/17/2003, 6:58 pm
sprayskirt for Dagger Charleston6/17/2003, 8:11 am
Greenland Vs. Wing Paddles?/ World Record Attempt *LINK*6/17/2003, 1:49 am
paddle float6/16/2003, 7:04 pm
Surfing/landing sea yaks in waves6/16/2003, 1:59 pm
Image is everything6/16/2003, 12:18 pm
A Happier Ending6/16/2003, 1:29 am
Meet at the Beach6/15/2003, 8:26 pm
Wing paddle technique--- help6/15/2003, 7:19 pm
Meet at the Beach6/13/2003, 4:17 pm
May 26th Incident Information6/12/2003, 8:54 pm
By The Numbers6/12/2003, 3:32 am
tow belts6/12/2003, 12:14 am
Ultimate kayak launch6/11/2003, 2:56 pm
No more training wheels6/10/2003, 7:18 pm
Pics from SSTIKS *LINK* *Pic*6/9/2003, 4:13 pm
Newly Developed Theory on Alpine Dehy Chili6/7/2003, 9:31 pm
Draw Stroke Tip a Winner! Thx6/7/2003, 7:56 pm
too much PFD?6/7/2003, 4:41 pm
What is wrong with this picture? *LINK*6/5/2003, 4:08 pm
Training techniques and goals - Help!6/5/2003, 8:38 am
GPS waypoints - - -6/4/2003, 1:08 pm
Newbie Question: folding kayaks for seashore areas6/2/2003, 8:57 pm
Sighting of the rarest species on earth6/2/2003, 6:19 pm
Fun and games with the Coast Guard6/2/2003, 4:46 pm
Spyder coaming is 1 1/4"6/2/2003, 2:53 pm
Pumps vs bailers6/2/2003, 12:33 pm
Trailer modifications6/1/2003, 7:36 pm
Big waves out of nowhere (1 year later)6/1/2003, 7:14 pm
Klepper sailing in open waters6/1/2003, 5:19 pm
air + water temps6/1/2003, 4:31 pm
Double PFD sculling/rolling practice6/1/2003, 1:39 pm
Kayak Trailer5/31/2003, 7:57 am
Announce: SSTIKS '03 Salmon Dinner *LINK* *Pic*5/30/2003, 5:02 pm
River Rescue--What If...?(Long)5/30/2003, 1:45 am
Another incident.....minor, but instructive5/29/2003, 11:07 pm
Romany Weatherhelm Loaded Question5/29/2003, 2:15 pm
More Deaths5/28/2003, 12:51 am
Incident Report5/27/2003, 8:07 pm
Who trains how?5/27/2003, 10:29 am
Final Food/Equipment List For Trip5/26/2003, 10:05 pm
Temps a varying...5/25/2003, 10:00 am
How is your hand, Lee?5/25/2003, 7:23 am
Prijon Barracuda?5/23/2003, 12:22 pm
Begining search for VHF5/20/2003, 10:55 pm
Incident Report5/20/2003, 10:48 am
Success finding a GW?5/19/2003, 10:41 pm
Northern Rockies Paddlefest - nobody died!5/19/2003, 12:32 pm
swollen left hand5/19/2003, 6:31 am
Using My VHF Radio5/17/2003, 3:58 pm
Odd Water Hazzard5/16/2003, 7:34 pm
Low back pain5/15/2003, 9:46 pm
Cartopping in high winds -- lessons learned5/14/2003, 10:13 am
Seeking training5/14/2003, 9:34 am
Great, fun symposium5/12/2003, 4:40 pm
Northern Rockies Paddlefest - May 17th-18th5/12/2003, 3:27 pm
Regional on-water hazards5/8/2003, 7:19 am
celestial navigation... video????5/7/2003, 10:50 pm
Fiberglass cloth5/6/2003, 8:10 pm
Drafting Question5/6/2003, 12:15 pm
Headwind/Tailwind and Speed5/2/2003, 1:00 pm
My Dilemma4/30/2003, 7:25 pm
PEPIRB Approved! *LINK*4/29/2003, 4:57 pm
Prijon Seayak rudder bracket4/29/2003, 12:21 am
Newbie skills development4/28/2003, 10:43 pm
looking for a PFD4/28/2003, 8:28 pm
Avocet,,Shawn?4/28/2003, 10:19 am
How do you get out?4/27/2003, 10:36 pm
You guys drive me crazy.4/27/2003, 7:43 pm
Cold water immersion4/27/2003, 9:34 am
Believe It Or Not! *LINK*4/26/2003, 7:00 pm
Garmin waterproofness ratings clarified *LINK*4/25/2003, 7:23 pm
Go fly a kite... from a kayak???4/25/2003, 4:25 pm
Prijon Yukon Expedition4/24/2003, 4:37 pm
Etrex problem4/24/2003, 3:06 pm
Swimming Suits4/24/2003, 7:20 am
eskimo roll demo video *LINK* *Pic*4/23/2003, 11:58 am
Explorer, Argonaut or Quest??4/22/2003, 6:48 pm
Lotus Designs Mildwater review4/22/2003, 5:52 pm
Paddle Swim Jig4/21/2003, 6:07 am
Rec boat testing for our poor fisherman.4/21/2003, 3:22 am
Another inverted fisherman story...4/20/2003, 10:49 am
red boat turning pink4/19/2003, 1:05 pm
SSTIKS '03 *LINK* *Pic*4/18/2003, 1:51 pm
Hostile waters report *LINK*4/18/2003, 3:28 am
Rec Boat Scenario4/17/2003, 4:16 pm
ACA Critical Judgment report *LINK* *Pic*4/16/2003, 2:49 pm
Proper paddle/technique for Injured Shoulders..4/15/2003, 9:58 pm
build a kayak class 5/23 - 5/294/15/2003, 4:16 pm
passed by walmart special4/14/2003, 8:47 pm
Strobe Lights4/14/2003, 6:44 pm
First Kayak4/13/2003, 2:23 am
Question for Tim...4/11/2003, 8:09 pm
bulkheads and foot pumps4/11/2003, 3:25 pm
New VHF HX4704/11/2003, 12:26 am
field repair4/10/2003, 8:35 pm
Looking 4 kayak recommendations...4/10/2003, 5:25 pm
OT Greenland Forum Update4/10/2003, 10:22 am
Mako saddles and boats that oilcan?4/8/2003, 11:56 pm
dislocated shoulders4/8/2003, 7:57 pm
ok, one more "final thought" - - -4/8/2003, 5:34 pm
a final thought - - -4/7/2003, 11:39 am
my saturday experience - - -4/5/2003, 5:47 pm
kayak hauler Volvo 240 wagon??4/4/2003, 9:14 pm
Ok, now paddles!4/4/2003, 4:40 am
Off topic: QayaqUSA forums?4/3/2003, 6:17 pm
WW Kayaks For Surfing4/3/2003, 3:00 pm
New Kayak Input4/1/2003, 7:08 pm
What the...4/1/2003, 10:04 am
Sea Kayak Surf Question3/31/2003, 10:39 pm
Wing paddle technique3/31/2003, 8:57 pm
Airtank for roll practice3/30/2003, 7:19 am
Brooks neo-skirt with zipper?3/26/2003, 9:13 pm
goretex drysuit wear3/26/2003, 12:18 am
yak rescues and a question *LINK*3/25/2003, 11:00 pm
RE: War and GPS Status3/25/2003, 1:19 pm
Guillemot Convention3/23/2003, 11:34 am
going to skeg3/21/2003, 7:39 pm
What would you like?3/20/2003, 11:19 pm
What would you like?3/20/2003, 11:18 pm
New Long Beach CA Surf Regulations *LINK*3/20/2003, 2:04 pm
Sirocco and Tempest3/19/2003, 2:12 pm
Cold Water Still Kills3/18/2003, 10:29 am
Images of the Santa Cruz trip... *LINK*3/17/2003, 11:16 pm
Drysuit feature questions3/17/2003, 11:06 pm
Fixing holes in wood yak... *LINK*3/17/2003, 8:52 pm
Another SPEED question...3/17/2003, 11:38 am
Sealskinz socks and 3mm neoprene socks3/16/2003, 7:50 pm
Big *Pic*3/15/2003, 6:28 pm
seafarer sprint3/14/2003, 8:50 pm
to hatch or not3/12/2003, 12:12 pm
CT Registration --- HB 6205 WITHDRAWN3/11/2003, 12:25 pm
Great deal on drysuit3/8/2003, 3:12 pm
Part 4: More on maps and navigation...3/7/2003, 9:47 pm
Rolling Apprehensions....3/7/2003, 8:21 pm
rolling...or not3/7/2003, 1:34 am
love being back...3/6/2003, 6:30 pm
Averege speed another perspective3/4/2003, 11:58 pm
Status of MT kayak registration3/4/2003, 3:57 pm
CT Registration - Public Hearing Transcript3/3/2003, 8:24 pm
farmer john fallacy3/3/2003, 11:48 am
Average Speed2/28/2003, 8:39 am
kayak transport2/28/2003, 1:05 am
No staples2/27/2003, 6:54 pm
For Woody2/27/2003, 5:24 pm
Small School.Big Outdoors2/26/2003, 3:27 pm
On Line GPS and mapping courses2/25/2003, 6:03 pm
Shoulder Problems2/25/2003, 8:37 am
VCP Argonaut or Aquanaut2/24/2003, 8:28 pm
About sharks...a request to the group *LINK*2/24/2003, 6:49 pm
Roll types2/24/2003, 12:23 am
'Vitamin I' alert2/23/2003, 10:17 am
A race proposal2/22/2003, 2:07 am
GP's with a SOT?2/21/2003, 9:09 pm
CT Registration - My views from the hearing2/19/2003, 11:29 pm
Paddling in Florida2/19/2003, 6:10 pm
Please do something quick--Montana follows BC! ;) *NM*2/18/2003, 3:54 pm
Nirvana and Rolling With A Toothpick2/18/2003, 12:25 pm
new exclusion zone regulations2/15/2003, 12:57 pm
Thanks2/14/2003, 4:07 pm
Swimming in Antartica2/14/2003, 11:10 am
New2/14/2003, 9:47 am
CT Registration - Public Hearing Feb 18th2/13/2003, 9:39 pm
OT: SPAM part 4 / Trip Reports to Come.2/13/2003, 2:02 pm
Smoke -- not fire2/12/2003, 11:09 pm
Now, how about Polartec "tropical dive-suits"?2/9/2003, 3:42 pm
What would you wear in a day like this?2/6/2003, 7:45 pm
I really had to pee...2/6/2003, 4:13 pm
downriver racers?2/5/2003, 8:06 pm
rolling gripe2/4/2003, 1:26 pm
What type of roof racks do you use? *NM*2/3/2003, 7:30 pm
Closed Cell Backband?1/31/2003, 10:49 pm
Hip Snapping Practice On The Snow1/31/2003, 3:09 pm
Mathematician Needed1/30/2003, 10:01 pm
Cheap rashguards1/30/2003, 12:01 pm
Stock seat or custom seat?1/29/2003, 1:22 pm
Clothes (fuzzy rubber shirt)1/29/2003, 4:41 am
what back bands do you use?1/27/2003, 1:22 pm
Ferrule wearing out on my Grey Owl paddle1/26/2003, 6:08 am
Wing Paddles (previous Lendal thread)1/24/2003, 3:51 pm
MT Registration - Now here we go. :( *LINK*1/24/2003, 11:20 am
OT Sorta: Sale item, 3 MM Farmer John *LINK*1/23/2003, 3:28 pm
CT registration --- here we go again! *LINK*1/23/2003, 6:31 am
Ravenspring Dry Suit1/22/2003, 6:55 pm
Lendal Paddlock Variable Joint Systems *LINK*1/21/2003, 4:58 pm
Capilene silk weight underwear1/20/2003, 7:18 pm
rolling1/20/2003, 1:34 pm
Survival: Is there something in this for kayakers?1/17/2003, 7:00 pm
Clothing for Under Breathable Drysuit1/16/2003, 9:28 am
Off-topic babble about Gore-Tex1/16/2003, 12:24 am
offtopic,,,,glove/mitts1/15/2003, 5:40 pm
portaging a kayak with a paddle1/14/2003, 3:01 pm
Light Weight Kaykak Camping1/13/2003, 1:52 pm
cold weather1/13/2003, 9:02 am
Drysuit - Ankle Gasket Question1/12/2003, 5:58 pm
Towing1/11/2003, 11:34 am
New GPS1/10/2003, 11:34 pm
Pentax WR90 comments and questions1/10/2003, 1:00 pm
Off Topic: Night Shift! :\1/10/2003, 7:51 am
Another close call1/9/2003, 8:05 pm
new argument.......err topic (lights)1/9/2003, 3:08 am
Off topic: Thinking of a double1/8/2003, 7:07 pm
$250,000 Sea Kayak Rolling Challenge1/8/2003, 5:10 pm
Adios...been a slice - Never even read the vitreol1/6/2003, 10:27 am
NWT1/5/2003, 6:57 pm
Kayak for sale1/4/2003, 12:20 pm
Towing practice workout *LINK*1/1/2003, 10:47 pm
Tips for a Newbie1/1/2003, 12:18 pm
myrtle beach is cheap and warm1/1/2003, 12:00 pm
Inuit Poem Addendum12/28/2002, 12:20 am
Anyone know a good maker of bentshaft paddles?12/27/2002, 11:44 am
Current Designs Storm Kayak12/26/2002, 10:36 pm
True Virgins Make Dull Companions12/26/2002, 8:45 pm
Happy Holidays to All12/23/2002, 12:37 pm
Thoughts on Prijon boats12/23/2002, 10:21 am
Happy Holidays from CPA *LINK*12/21/2002, 5:40 pm
Tendonitis Question12/21/2002, 11:42 am
Greenland versus Euro12/21/2002, 11:35 am
FL Keys Outfitters (GP's in the Keys??)12/20/2002, 9:35 am
(Flash) Flood *Pic*12/20/2002, 8:54 am
Is anybody using infrared alarm systems?12/19/2002, 1:38 pm
Christmas Gifts for Kayakers who Have the Basics?12/18/2002, 5:49 pm
Great White in Puget Sound *LINK*12/18/2002, 2:34 pm
Life Jackets: Stohlquist or Lotus12/17/2002, 6:11 pm
Hely Hansen "Racer" Type Life Jackets12/16/2002, 12:00 pm
Inuit Poem12/15/2002, 4:04 pm
Wave Height Limits12/14/2002, 4:26 pm
traveling...12/13/2002, 7:41 pm
your opinions on paddle length12/10/2002, 2:40 pm
Nautiraid single12/9/2002, 7:13 pm
sponsoons12/8/2002, 10:59 pm
Broken Paddle Blade12/8/2002, 12:44 pm
Neck Gaskets12/7/2002, 11:39 am
Nav-Aid or Compass?12/6/2002, 1:24 pm
myrtlle beach paddling12/5/2002, 8:42 pm
GPS again :-)12/4/2002, 11:56 pm
Nose Plugs *LINK*12/4/2002, 8:50 am
contacts or glasses?12/3/2002, 1:09 pm
NOAA Coast Pilots now offered free online12/2/2002, 2:51 pm
speed question11/30/2002, 7:24 pm
Toksook paddle11/28/2002, 9:38 pm
Pamela...For You11/27/2002, 7:27 am
Spray skirts11/27/2002, 12:12 am
Rolling Videos11/26/2002, 3:56 pm
Electric Pumps - Revisited11/26/2002, 3:50 pm
Cold weather paddling gloves *Pic*11/26/2002, 12:34 pm
Punching big waves11/26/2002, 12:22 pm
Canadian Solution For A Problematic Launch *LINK*11/25/2002, 7:56 pm
cheap kayak vacation?11/25/2002, 7:07 pm
Kayak Pump11/24/2002, 8:38 am
Draw Strokes11/23/2002, 2:14 pm
Hand numbness, sore wrist tendons11/23/2002, 9:54 am
Sprayskirt Tab - Winter Access11/22/2002, 10:57 pm
Desalinators by Recovery Engineering11/20/2002, 1:35 am
For Sale: VCP Ocean Cockpit and Seat *Pic*11/19/2002, 5:06 pm
Wet patching hulls11/18/2002, 5:35 pm
The naked kayak?11/18/2002, 9:15 am
pretty pictures11/17/2002, 10:37 pm
Wind Meters11/17/2002, 7:25 pm
Hennesey Hammocks for Kayaking11/17/2002, 7:19 pm
North Face Fleece11/17/2002, 5:46 pm
Heat Packs11/17/2002, 11:09 am
kayak video11/16/2002, 4:25 pm
GPS Question11/15/2002, 11:05 pm
Installing Hatch Covers11/15/2002, 10:35 pm
dumping kayaks,,,design issues11/15/2002, 7:06 pm
Winter paddling handwear solution11/14/2002, 6:40 pm
Cold Weather Footwear *Pic*11/13/2002, 11:00 pm
A Tribute to Stan Rogers...11/13/2002, 1:42 pm
Adhesion of paint/varnish to epoxy11/13/2002, 10:19 am
spare paddles?11/12/2002, 2:41 pm
Off Topic...What is with Saddam Hussein?11/12/2002, 9:56 am
Peak dry top /spray deck update11/12/2002, 9:39 am
accident report re-post from ConnYak11/11/2002, 1:26 pm
Tunes and Yaks - Artists?11/10/2002, 1:02 am
"Deep Sculling?"11/9/2002, 8:55 pm
Toronto Island weather forecasts ... continued11/9/2002, 7:46 pm
25 foot West swell11/8/2002, 10:20 pm
BCU 1,2 and 3 star11/8/2002, 5:58 pm
Thermos11/7/2002, 6:51 pm
Tea and heresy11/6/2002, 1:16 pm
Unfeathered vs. Offside11/6/2002, 10:38 am
Cold Weather Paddle Clothes11/5/2002, 10:48 pm
dry suit repair service?11/4/2002, 12:35 pm
Doubles, rolling, safety, etc.11/4/2002, 12:03 pm
Strobe visibility11/3/2002, 12:56 am
Toronto island airport weather forecasts11/2/2002, 5:46 pm
pumping out10/31/2002, 5:35 pm
wow, check this out resource junkies10/31/2002, 4:44 pm
The next heated discussion . . .10/31/2002, 8:52 am
Kayak chat10/29/2002, 11:27 am
Asthma with a cold air trigger?10/29/2002, 9:15 am
paddle type and shoulder injury10/28/2002, 10:52 pm
Sailboat Towing Kayak10/28/2002, 8:16 am
Holy clapotis!!!10/27/2002, 6:33 pm
Gazebo10/27/2002, 5:11 pm
kayak race video10/26/2002, 12:16 pm
"Gales of November"10/24/2002, 5:41 pm
wood vs Avocet10/24/2002, 1:25 pm
Avocet/Scirocco10/23/2002, 11:50 pm
Rudders -- doesn't anyone sail?10/22/2002, 6:43 pm
Failure rate: rudders vs. skegs10/21/2002, 9:10 pm
Waterproof Monocular10/21/2002, 11:57 am
A big thank-you10/20/2002, 9:43 pm
Using a skeg?10/19/2002, 7:54 pm
Camera Deck Bag Suggestions?10/18/2002, 9:29 am
Cross Training for Kayaking10/18/2002, 2:40 am
Boarding from Mothership10/15/2002, 7:16 pm
Practice in wind10/15/2002, 12:39 pm
Aquapac cellophone case testing10/13/2002, 10:14 pm
Head On Or Turn Tail And Run!10/13/2002, 7:38 pm
crossovers10/12/2002, 9:45 pm
rolling trouble..a little long :D *Pic*10/12/2002, 1:35 pm
Where are Mike and Rikki???10/11/2002, 10:25 pm
Super Deal on Icom M1-V!10/10/2002, 1:04 pm
Good Article on Towing in August Sea Kayaker10/10/2002, 4:17 am
klepper assembly10/9/2002, 8:37 pm
Belugas and Kayaks10/8/2002, 11:57 pm
getting out of a kayak10/8/2002, 3:15 pm
Forward Stroke Practice in CT10/7/2002, 8:59 am
Surf question10/6/2002, 9:46 pm
Here are 20 PIX from Voyageurs Nat. Park10/6/2002, 9:05 pm
Anyone know any decent connecticut kayak clubs?10/6/2002, 6:15 pm
Books to recommend?10/6/2002, 5:49 pm
Cowboy rescues and good paddlers10/6/2002, 12:12 am
Was there a thread on this? SK fatality10/5/2002, 5:22 pm
On avataq rolls10/5/2002, 5:06 pm
surf10/5/2002, 2:17 pm
kayak video-boat speed10/5/2002, 10:29 am
Care and feeding for a skeg10/5/2002, 7:32 am
Boarding Kayak from Mothership10/4/2002, 11:45 am
Trouble under the surface10/4/2002, 10:20 am
The boat decision10/3/2002, 8:48 pm
Draw stroke: When is it needed?10/2/2002, 8:54 am
Cowboy reentry10/2/2002, 1:53 am
BCU says what?10/1/2002, 11:31 pm
YES! We are alive again.....thx to new posters!10/1/2002, 10:24 pm
Draw stroke: Straight or Sculling10/1/2002, 2:14 pm
throw bags and sea kayaking10/1/2002, 2:08 pm
So Bored10/1/2002, 1:39 pm
Head Gear9/29/2002, 10:53 am
What is everyones PFD choice?9/29/2002, 12:27 am
Kayaking Photography - O.T.9/28/2002, 8:45 pm
Boomerangs and Kayaks9/27/2002, 3:32 pm
Hypothermic Help9/27/2002, 11:49 am
Wavey reflections9/26/2002, 10:38 pm
Lake Superior this time...9/26/2002, 7:44 am
navigation lights9/25/2002, 2:08 pm
Best net resource for learning to roll?9/25/2002, 6:47 am
paddling and asthma?9/24/2002, 6:59 pm
Im getting into these Kayak boats anyone selling 19/24/2002, 6:56 pm
Snap Dragon sprayskirt9/24/2002, 10:31 am
sculling braces9/24/2002, 9:43 am
Can't find topic on VHF drybag9/22/2002, 2:13 am
M1-V questions9/20/2002, 7:44 pm
Other: E-mail weirdness via boatbuilding.com?9/20/2002, 2:04 pm
Neoprene or Nylon Tunneled Sprayskirt?9/20/2002, 12:48 pm
Can someone post the link to...9/20/2002, 7:53 am
Brooks Spraytskirts9/18/2002, 4:15 pm
News from Baltimore9/17/2002, 6:31 pm
Fun Rolling :D *Pic*9/16/2002, 9:49 am
New Drysuit9/13/2002, 7:55 pm
Silva/Nexus Type 70 Compass9/13/2002, 5:53 pm
Posting Pictures - a guide9/13/2002, 11:35 am
I'm back from the BEST kayaking trip ever.9/13/2002, 1:13 am
Let's go surfing now... *Pic*9/12/2002, 5:26 pm
90 or 120- we did it!9/11/2002, 5:33 pm
VHF ICOM M1-V9/11/2002, 12:06 pm
Leaking paddle shaft9/10/2002, 6:31 pm
Sportee: Do You Like It?9/7/2002, 10:54 pm
Impex Currituck?9/7/2002, 11:53 am
Arluk II9/6/2002, 1:06 pm
Formula Pursuit?9/6/2002, 12:23 am
Revarnishing kayak in the open air...9/5/2002, 1:41 pm
BCU Coach 2 training9/5/2002, 7:34 am
Please wish me luck9/3/2002, 7:33 pm
Paddling following seas & wind with out broaching9/3/2002, 5:27 pm
Creative Drip Ring uses? (if not used on paddle)9/2/2002, 8:39 am
More re: paddling jacket9/1/2002, 8:40 pm
Positively Raw9/1/2002, 6:52 pm
Dry top skirt combo8/31/2002, 12:11 pm
Round saddles vs hard chines8/30/2002, 9:57 pm
Au Revoir Sea Kayakeurs!8/30/2002, 7:27 pm
Paddling Jacket question8/29/2002, 2:26 pm
numb feet8/28/2002, 9:42 pm
Lee, I think it was a polyethalene Cape Horn8/27/2002, 8:13 pm
Bracing Perfection8/27/2002, 11:43 am
WRONG PASSWORD, I blew it and...8/26/2002, 6:42 pm
A couple of paddlers in Insane Diego *Pic*8/26/2002, 6:38 pm
Footwear Advice Needed8/24/2002, 7:57 pm
Lost/Broken Paddle8/24/2002, 8:49 am
Kayak fishing recommendations?8/23/2002, 6:57 pm
ACA basic course, paddlefloat self rescue8/23/2002, 3:59 pm
Seaward Quest X3 Kayak8/23/2002, 3:46 pm
Klepper Kayak8/21/2002, 2:02 pm
Waterproof camera-What kind?8/21/2002, 1:05 am
Rescue at R2K28/20/2002, 11:42 pm
Kayak Rack Bar - How wide?8/20/2002, 11:02 am
Jed -- thank you, thank you, thank you!8/19/2002, 12:11 am
seat position8/18/2002, 2:38 pm
SOF Flotation8/16/2002, 3:41 pm
Paddling with the oldies...but goodies *Pic*8/15/2002, 12:18 pm
$$$8/14/2002, 8:16 pm
First Strip8/14/2002, 3:31 pm
New Boat -- VCP Avocet RM (giddy)8/14/2002, 12:31 pm
safety video8/13/2002, 7:49 am
Broken/Lost Paddle Questions8/12/2002, 9:59 pm
Question regarding emergency ditch bag8/12/2002, 9:40 am
Back Spasms8/11/2002, 6:55 pm
mariner kayaks8/10/2002, 12:37 pm
Canadian Coast Guard boating safety regs8/9/2002, 7:45 am
Rudder8/9/2002, 2:46 am
Re: greenland paddle8/6/2002, 11:23 pm
first boat8/6/2002, 9:55 pm
More missing kayakers...8/5/2002, 4:08 pm
Paddling Stroke Rate?8/5/2002, 3:51 pm
Toksook Paddles8/5/2002, 12:07 pm
The boat for now vs. the boat for the future7/31/2002, 9:38 pm
Kayak as lifeboat7/31/2002, 7:16 pm
Paddeling Speed roll-call7/30/2002, 10:07 pm
Being seen7/30/2002, 2:41 pm
bent shaft Kayak paddles7/30/2002, 2:18 pm
The case of the wet chart7/29/2002, 7:23 am
Coving by hand7/29/2002, 3:01 am
video clips from digital camera *Pic*7/27/2002, 6:47 pm
used Klepper7/27/2002, 4:27 pm
Light planes vs. kayaks7/25/2002, 10:55 pm
Re: Tow Line7/25/2002, 5:07 pm
Shawn's Request7/25/2002, 2:17 pm
Kayaking death citations:7/25/2002, 12:25 pm
Kayaking death citations:7/25/2002, 12:24 pm
tennis elbow- nationals7/25/2002, 11:26 am
Rescues7/25/2002, 10:51 am
Kayak Insurance7/25/2002, 9:07 am
HX-460S or Icom M1-V7/24/2002, 11:39 am
Threat of regulation7/23/2002, 8:09 pm
Radio test7/23/2002, 4:58 pm
skirt wear revisited7/23/2002, 2:19 pm
a humbling experience7/23/2002, 9:42 am
Looking for inflatable PFD experiences7/22/2002, 8:03 pm
Immersion Protection: another good debate topic7/22/2002, 7:26 pm
What kind of roll did I do?7/22/2002, 3:51 pm
outside/inside seam joining7/22/2002, 2:45 pm
Perception kayak seat backs7/22/2002, 9:20 am
Dead VHF radio7/21/2002, 11:52 pm
NOAA voices7/19/2002, 2:26 pm
Seat fit7/19/2002, 1:16 pm
Below deck modifications7/19/2002, 12:46 pm
Dinosaur National Monuments7/19/2002, 11:50 am
Greenland Classes7/18/2002, 9:29 am
Oceans, lakes and standards7/18/2002, 7:22 am
skirts7/18/2002, 12:36 am
Weathercocking7/17/2002, 8:22 pm
Link to "kayaker drowning":7/17/2002, 4:48 pm
Sea Kayaking Safety & Rescue by John Lull7/17/2002, 2:04 pm
read this in Canoe and Kayak - - -7/17/2002, 4:37 am
some misguided advice7/16/2002, 8:10 pm
How about industry subsidized instruction?7/16/2002, 5:51 pm
Bent Shaft Paddles7/16/2002, 12:35 pm
Is sea kayaking a vague—or even useful—term?7/16/2002, 8:08 am
Hydration bladders7/15/2002, 10:49 pm
EMS WARNING7/15/2002, 6:49 pm
Surfing7/15/2002, 10:11 am
Spirituality and Kayaking7/14/2002, 9:02 am
Rolling Risk7/13/2002, 11:23 pm
Getting the work done!!!7/13/2002, 12:28 am
Doing something7/12/2002, 3:35 pm
thinking of a surfski7/12/2002, 1:36 pm
Plastic Dagger sea kayaks7/12/2002, 12:30 pm
Is rolling a necessary skill for kayaking?7/12/2002, 7:42 am
Ipswitch or H-I rescue7/12/2002, 7:30 am
It isn't kayaking, but, it might be soon...7/11/2002, 2:50 pm
Paddling with a pooch7/11/2002, 2:37 pm
Yakima Hully Rollers rotating7/11/2002, 2:34 pm
the local watering hole,,club gatherings7/11/2002, 1:06 pm
Quik-N-Easy Rack7/11/2002, 10:21 am
CG Rule Published7/9/2002, 1:05 pm
What about the retractable skeg?7/9/2002, 9:54 am
Back from Isle Haute7/8/2002, 11:41 pm
May issue "Boating" magazine, hypothermia7/8/2002, 3:31 pm
PFDs in the surf?7/8/2002, 1:16 pm
What should I build?7/8/2002, 11:42 am
Is secondary stability a myth?7/7/2002, 8:24 am
Saftey and sponsons7/6/2002, 5:59 pm
Formal Debate Topic - Rudders7/5/2002, 3:01 pm
Practice sessions/paddling in conditions:7/5/2002, 10:39 am
BCU dues7/5/2002, 8:22 am
Seat positions7/4/2002, 6:50 pm
Hey what do ya'll think about sponsons? *NM*7/4/2002, 6:09 pm
What about focusing on staying upright.7/4/2002, 4:36 pm
The Swim Self Rescue:7/3/2002, 1:52 pm
Paddle Cadence7/3/2002, 12:05 pm
Let's keep things civil7/3/2002, 11:35 am
My point is that redundancy is crucial...7/3/2002, 9:51 am
Anatomy is (kayak) destiny7/3/2002, 7:54 am
Moved discussion to another board...g'bye sponsons7/3/2002, 3:12 am
Article on paddle float rescue:7/3/2002, 2:02 am
Georgian Bay Kayaks - The Sponson War Continues7/1/2002, 8:50 pm
Holycow6/30/2002, 3:58 am
Kayak Sailing6/28/2002, 4:32 pm
cartop thanks6/28/2002, 2:09 pm
Balance Brace: Great Auk?6/28/2002, 1:50 pm
Where can I get a GP in Toronto?6/28/2002, 9:21 am
Isle Haute Trip *Pic*6/27/2002, 4:48 pm
greenland stick6/27/2002, 4:11 pm
Maroske Flush Deck Fittings *Pic*6/27/2002, 11:41 am
Great paddle, Mike. Thanks!6/27/2002, 8:19 am
Feathered vs Un Feathered6/24/2002, 4:26 pm
Just A Great Day!6/24/2002, 7:14 am
First kayaks designed about 900 A.D.?6/23/2002, 12:15 pm
Proactive screw - up warnings........6/21/2002, 12:29 am
Muppet is going to be on TV tommorow6/20/2002, 11:19 pm
Swimming with paddle6/20/2002, 9:44 pm
What do you do to improve your roll?6/20/2002, 12:12 pm
Leaned Turns Returned :D6/19/2002, 9:43 pm
Attainable Goal?6/19/2002, 6:48 pm
General safety/judgement on the water6/19/2002, 11:37 am
How many practice rolling with loaded boat?6/18/2002, 10:11 am
Night paddling gadget--cheap6/17/2002, 11:55 am
e-school link6/17/2002, 10:37 am
beginning roll question6/16/2002, 6:52 pm
A good kind of Deep Trouble6/16/2002, 3:52 pm
Leaned Turns???6/16/2002, 2:34 pm
Hand of God.......Phase II6/16/2002, 12:57 am
Hand rolling6/15/2002, 6:11 am
Rainy Weekends...Ideas for Drills Close to Shore?6/14/2002, 12:37 pm
First Roll and Some Thoughts6/12/2002, 10:53 am
Digital camera housings6/11/2002, 12:29 pm
SSTIKS - Sneak Peek *Pic*6/10/2002, 11:26 am
lift revisited6/9/2002, 12:13 am
Has anyone practiced this scenario ?.......6/8/2002, 7:28 pm
thermometers, revisited6/8/2002, 5:55 pm
New here and...6/8/2002, 2:55 pm
Your favorite kayaking wristwatch, guys?6/7/2002, 11:41 pm
Need a surf paddle6/7/2002, 11:00 pm
taped seams6/4/2002, 1:42 pm
paddling advice needed6/4/2002, 1:51 am
Speaking of racing and accidents (my own)--(long)6/3/2002, 7:39 pm
towline question6/3/2002, 12:33 pm
Another Kayaking Fatality6/3/2002, 5:57 am
Surfing6/3/2002, 4:56 am
If you own VHF in Canada...6/2/2002, 12:36 am
eskimo roll6/2/2002, 12:14 am
I got one!6/1/2002, 7:08 pm
I just don't get it !5/30/2002, 9:24 pm
Vasovagal Reflexes - Continuing Thread on Gasp R.5/29/2002, 9:27 pm
Swedeform vs. Fishform vs. Symmetrical5/29/2002, 6:21 pm
GEEZ, more spam. What gives? *NM*5/29/2002, 3:31 pm
CPR5/29/2002, 3:07 am
Scoop rescue5/28/2002, 10:37 pm
Risk5/28/2002, 9:40 am
kayak5/28/2002, 1:56 am
Endurance vs.'s reality5/27/2002, 9:32 pm
paddle question5/27/2002, 9:21 pm
Hully rollers?5/27/2002, 2:20 pm
PFDs Again5/27/2002, 7:07 am
Scoop Rescue5/26/2002, 1:01 pm
Hard Soled Booties5/26/2002, 12:35 am
Announce: SSTIKS 2002 *Pic*5/24/2002, 12:38 pm
Surprise introduction to the Gasp Reflex5/23/2002, 12:46 pm
Forward Stroke Revisited5/22/2002, 9:45 am
VHF rules in Canada?5/21/2002, 12:17 pm
rideau race5/20/2002, 6:12 pm
Boating Operators Courses and Kayaking, Should We?5/19/2002, 9:20 pm
Neoprane Nylon Sprayskirt5/19/2002, 3:26 pm
pfd compliment5/19/2002, 8:37 am
More PFD Ponderings5/17/2002, 3:43 pm
Does anyone make ergonomic grips5/16/2002, 4:47 pm
When paddling is just paddling...with the flu...5/16/2002, 4:38 pm
GPS/VHF question5/16/2002, 10:33 am
Flathead paddling: hey Shawn5/15/2002, 12:29 am
pfd doubts5/14/2002, 9:03 pm
Kayaking GPS Advice5/14/2002, 3:48 pm
New in kayaking and looking for equipment5/14/2002, 11:39 am
Howdy All!5/14/2002, 9:06 am
Roll Sequence *Pic*5/13/2002, 3:13 pm
All you bombproof rollers..........5/13/2002, 1:38 am
where you sit reviews5/12/2002, 11:39 am
Paddling Jacket5/12/2002, 12:57 am
New Season Resolution5/11/2002, 9:54 pm
sore wrist5/11/2002, 4:56 pm
Need to contact Wendell Phillips5/10/2002, 12:05 am
When good paddlers do bad things . . . . *Pic*5/8/2002, 11:04 pm
Rogue Waves5/7/2002, 4:55 pm
Immersion gear guide5/7/2002, 12:09 pm
waterproof velcro ... self stick5/7/2002, 8:57 am
Immersion Gear5/3/2002, 5:30 pm
Very Good Marine Weather Site5/3/2002, 10:30 am
camano island5/2/2002, 10:59 pm
Face up paddle float re-entry5/1/2002, 8:52 am
Told myself this wasn't gonna happen.........5/1/2002, 2:24 am
Frequency and duration4/30/2002, 12:51 pm
Used composite kayak - lifespan, hidden pitfalls?4/29/2002, 11:13 pm
Swamped Kayaker4/27/2002, 8:08 am
LLBean!4/26/2002, 9:12 pm
Fat Neck Syndrome4/26/2002, 2:12 am
run of charles!!!4/25/2002, 6:23 pm
Safety Rant!4/24/2002, 7:52 pm
Digital Camera Trial4/24/2002, 4:53 pm
Floatation4/23/2002, 7:23 am
Roll recommendation please...4/22/2002, 9:59 pm
Whitewater Kayaking4/22/2002, 6:14 pm
Kayaking specific exercises4/22/2002, 5:04 pm
Mounting a fishing rod holder4/22/2002, 1:51 pm
wetsuits4/21/2002, 9:12 am
My paddle is doing the rescue4/19/2002, 5:15 pm
Wetsuit Testimony4/19/2002, 8:25 am
June SeaKayaker techniques--drysuit vs.wetsuit4/18/2002, 9:35 am
Toksook paddle?4/17/2002, 8:29 pm
Hydrofoil4/16/2002, 7:30 pm
aca4/16/2002, 7:12 pm
At last ...4/16/2002, 1:39 pm
Epoxy?4/16/2002, 1:54 am
Is anyone here going..........4/15/2002, 9:16 pm
Missing kayaker, presumed drowned, in Victoria:4/15/2002, 6:46 pm
stir the pot thots?4/15/2002, 1:52 pm
hatch fasteners4/12/2002, 9:16 pm
Subaru Road To Adventure Paddlefest! *Pic*4/12/2002, 7:08 pm
Paddle float recommendation?4/12/2002, 3:45 pm
sale on drysuit4/11/2002, 4:12 pm
Cape Horn 174/11/2002, 5:55 am
dagger crossover4/9/2002, 4:39 pm
Strange Characters In Messages4/9/2002, 3:36 pm
ok, here's a good biz and question4/9/2002, 3:00 pm
Questions4/9/2002, 12:45 pm
Handling characteristics4/9/2002, 12:19 pm
If a kayak mated with a PWC,4/8/2002, 12:44 pm
NE Paddlesports Show4/8/2002, 10:56 am
fixed feather origination???4/7/2002, 1:26 pm
Horizontal Frames4/6/2002, 11:38 am
When there's a local death in the press...4/5/2002, 1:16 pm
Link to Florida sea kayaker drowning:4/5/2002, 11:48 am
Dressing for hypothermia4/5/2002, 12:42 am
Nav or gps classes4/4/2002, 10:57 am
Coast Guard "Boating Statistics - 2000"4/4/2002, 10:39 am
maybe people are listening??4/3/2002, 8:02 pm
OT Homemade food dehydrator4/3/2002, 12:51 pm
Please help me proofread my safety brochure4/3/2002, 12:09 pm
What are your favorite boats4/2/2002, 6:49 pm
Float bag Repair4/1/2002, 9:13 pm
Kayak death near Fort Erie4/1/2002, 8:12 am
Need a new paddle3/31/2002, 6:42 pm
Again Self-Inflating pads3/30/2002, 3:48 am
Your favorite stowable kayak cart?3/30/2002, 1:38 am
Spraydeck for VCP Ocean Cockpit3/29/2002, 9:19 am
Rolling a bigger boat.3/29/2002, 7:02 am
icebreaker3/28/2002, 7:23 pm
Any other hearing impaired kayakers3/28/2002, 9:34 am
A couple of good questions...3/26/2002, 8:30 pm
Panicked boater practice3/26/2002, 6:10 pm
Celestial Navigator Wanted3/25/2002, 9:38 pm
Suicide vs Ignorance-One More Time3/25/2002, 8:24 pm
DelMarva Racing Circuit3/25/2002, 12:33 pm
Suicide vs Ignorance3/22/2002, 2:09 pm
Announce: SSTIKS Registration & Schedule *Pic*3/22/2002, 11:24 am
Pains-Wessex Pinpoint Flares3/21/2002, 11:16 pm
Quenn Charlotte Std.3/21/2002, 10:09 am
drysuit repair3/20/2002, 2:59 pm
Pains-Wessex Flares group purchase3/18/2002, 10:39 pm
Osprey HP vs. ???3/17/2002, 9:36 pm
Pacific Water Sports Kayaks3/16/2002, 11:15 pm
SSTIKS Online Store *Pic*3/15/2002, 8:58 pm
swam3/15/2002, 5:46 pm
Poly Adhesive Testing3/14/2002, 4:23 pm
Greenland Event - SSTIKS 2002 June 7th-9th *Pic*3/14/2002, 12:16 am
I'm in love3/13/2002, 11:40 pm
Bert -- great boat!3/13/2002, 9:16 pm
Just watched Rolling with Maligiaq...3/12/2002, 8:34 pm
Kayak Shoes3/12/2002, 2:20 pm
Link to forward stroke method:3/12/2002, 7:21 am
white water bulkheads in sea kayaks3/11/2002, 1:37 pm
plotting GPS waypoints - - -3/11/2002, 12:18 pm
I - I - I ssseeeee kayaks everywhere.........3/11/2002, 1:20 am
Helmets3/10/2002, 8:20 pm
charts - - -3/8/2002, 8:11 am
Photos/links page up3/7/2002, 5:45 pm
Q. to glue experts (vinyl)3/7/2002, 12:09 am
Trip Reports *Pic*3/6/2002, 5:18 am
Midwest Gearheads Canoecopia3/5/2002, 6:26 pm
Houston Paddlefest3/5/2002, 5:58 pm
Surf Montana *Pic*3/5/2002, 5:45 pm
Unsafe perimeter lines3/4/2002, 12:50 pm
Compressed air for rolling & emergency3/3/2002, 12:26 am
Malone of Maine ???3/2/2002, 1:11 pm
Thinking of taking up Kayaking3/1/2002, 6:12 am
PFDs, here I go again2/27/2002, 6:14 pm
Good man dies2/27/2002, 12:09 am
Here's my story...(not really sad)..but true2/26/2002, 5:50 pm
Sweetwater - Impressions2/24/2002, 11:11 am
Spiritual seekers in long skinny boats........2/24/2002, 12:34 am
help!!!how get to tech. archives? *NM*2/23/2002, 11:37 pm
RapidStyle website ? - - -2/22/2002, 3:20 pm
Friendly Harbor seals?2/22/2002, 12:02 pm
Registration of kayaks2/21/2002, 8:39 pm
Strength Training for Kayaking?2/21/2002, 12:54 pm
Cheap Knives...or no thanks to Brian2/21/2002, 12:41 pm
the Wayne Smith Award2/21/2002, 12:23 pm
CT boat registration -- Paddlers win!2/21/2002, 9:48 am
kayaking in washington2/18/2002, 1:03 pm
E-BAY Junkies !!!!..........2/18/2002, 1:21 am
Kayak Registration in Connecticut2/17/2002, 10:33 am
using a GPS2/15/2002, 6:23 pm
Sarasota to Key West2/15/2002, 2:20 pm
Splash covers2/15/2002, 10:25 am
My "neoprene" spray-skirt fizzes...2/15/2002, 7:17 am
Tow rig - Take II2/14/2002, 7:35 pm
Between swims...2/14/2002, 1:01 pm
Tide Finder info.2/13/2002, 11:44 pm
OT: Don't try this at home!2/13/2002, 10:59 pm
trailer2/13/2002, 7:44 pm
Photography while kayaking2/13/2002, 1:02 pm
Tow Rig2/13/2002, 12:20 pm
Sprayskirt alterations2/13/2002, 7:24 am
Wind Meter2/12/2002, 8:25 pm
Nordic-Blue Owners............2/12/2002, 12:28 am
Dry Suit Zipper2/11/2002, 9:53 pm
Need an implosion resistant spray skirt--opinions?2/11/2002, 1:28 pm
Armorall versus 3032/7/2002, 1:26 pm
tandem kayaks2/7/2002, 1:29 am
Vertical storm roll2/6/2002, 6:40 pm
Cold plastic2/5/2002, 1:52 pm
Drytops2/5/2002, 10:06 am
get the lead out?2/5/2002, 6:41 am
Credit where Credit is Due2/4/2002, 5:46 pm
Kevlar boat repair2/3/2002, 10:20 pm
Any whitewater kayakers out there?2/2/2002, 9:30 am
books2/2/2002, 9:22 am
PAMELA, what is this SHIT???2/2/2002, 7:49 am
What's going on with this forum?1/29/2002, 5:15 pm
Learning to Roll1/28/2002, 1:18 pm
Speaking of sextants...1/28/2002, 12:00 pm
Feeling the need, . . .1/28/2002, 10:07 am
Seawings...anyone use em?1/26/2002, 8:57 pm
Wall to wall...1/26/2002, 5:37 pm
Alaska advice request (off topic)1/25/2002, 2:36 pm
Too Big?1/25/2002, 2:26 pm
Pogies or Gloves1/23/2002, 7:00 pm
Touring illness1/22/2002, 3:30 pm
Introducing the Elven Acuta........1/21/2002, 4:58 pm
Greenland paddle with paddle leash1/20/2002, 9:23 am
Elven Kayaks1/19/2002, 9:57 pm
Vancouver instruction?1/19/2002, 8:16 pm
PFDs1/17/2002, 5:04 pm
Its all in your head1/16/2002, 7:14 pm
Pogies versus Gloves?1/15/2002, 8:12 am
nordic blue gloves - - -1/14/2002, 6:32 pm
Who's got the oldest............1/13/2002, 12:40 am
blackburn challenge-Is narrow better?1/12/2002, 8:44 pm
wetsuit paddeling1/12/2002, 9:09 am
A cool wind wave prediction table *Pic*1/11/2002, 4:36 pm
You know you're harcore when.....1/9/2002, 10:00 pm
Gellcoat cracking??1/8/2002, 9:42 pm
Flame Wars!1/8/2002, 8:18 pm
Latex Gasket Replacement1/7/2002, 12:11 pm
Probably offtopick - Thermarest or foam pad?1/4/2002, 11:30 pm
run of charles1/4/2002, 7:49 pm
Enhancing the vertical view1/4/2002, 12:27 pm
kayakwiki question for Nick or others1/3/2002, 6:31 pm
Suggestion for Wiki "Reviews"...1/3/2002, 12:48 pm
How do you add your name to Kayak Wiki so...1/3/2002, 8:30 am
extra torso floatation1/2/2002, 3:42 pm
Added category and cursory rough draft for Surf...1/2/2002, 11:27 am
dry suit zippers,,happy new year1/1/2002, 3:47 pm
Mssr. Nystrom ???.........12/29/2001, 12:49 am
Tim, et. al. : How do I attach knife to PFD?12/28/2001, 2:45 pm
Experimental Kayak Site12/28/2001, 1:54 pm
Kayaking on NPR: a must-listen12/27/2001, 11:38 am
Nick, something may be wrong with...12/27/2001, 6:09 am
Icom M1-V12/26/2001, 6:15 pm
Kablooma not quite in Deep Trouble12/26/2001, 11:23 am
Eddyline Night hawk12/25/2001, 9:59 pm
I'll get the hang of this...gimme time!12/24/2001, 9:51 pm
Is there A/anybody out there?12/24/2001, 9:48 pm
racks for forester?12/23/2001, 7:58 pm
Wish list12/21/2001, 5:35 pm
More about vertical frames12/21/2001, 8:41 am
Announce: Horizontal Frame Choice12/19/2001, 10:10 am
headache question12/18/2001, 7:43 pm
Re: Standard HX-460S vs. Icom M1-V12/18/2001, 6:33 pm
sails12/17/2001, 8:00 pm
sea kayak construction12/17/2001, 6:00 pm
Whitewater "x-training"...12/16/2001, 9:24 am
quantified horrors12/14/2001, 8:06 pm
Merv Larson Paddles??12/14/2001, 6:00 pm
vertical is clearly preferable *NM*12/14/2001, 11:50 am
Forum appearence: Frames12/12/2001, 12:19 pm
Recreational rolling myth12/11/2001, 11:45 am
accident12/11/2001, 9:41 am
Drysuit advice12/10/2001, 6:50 pm
sore wrist12/10/2001, 6:24 pm
Ok Brianne, don't make us wait......12/7/2001, 4:00 pm
first ascent12/6/2001, 5:40 pm
Today is my Birthday!12/6/2001, 5:18 pm
Re: PFD knives12/6/2001, 5:14 pm
energy bars - - -12/6/2001, 8:43 am
Lake Superior Storm12/5/2001, 9:36 pm
VHF Radios, Take 3 (rant)11/30/2001, 4:15 pm
PFD Knife11/27/2001, 4:55 pm
Parasurfer peril11/26/2001, 10:12 am
looking for the 'best' fuzzy rubber - - -11/25/2001, 2:57 pm
frames11/24/2001, 5:43 am
water temp.11/23/2001, 10:15 pm
Does anybody else do this ???.......11/22/2001, 1:15 am
Teaching my son to Roll11/19/2001, 5:56 pm
Drysuit Booties (Socks)11/18/2001, 4:34 pm
Skirt Waterproofing Question11/18/2001, 3:59 pm
Great rescue story11/17/2001, 12:27 pm
Current or ex Pintail owners........11/17/2001, 1:58 am
ISO: Recommended instruction11/16/2001, 9:09 am
Waterproof Chart Case11/14/2001, 7:18 pm
How do i get rid of the split screen?11/14/2001, 2:37 pm
Women's drysuits?11/14/2001, 9:13 am
Tweakin' neo hood for cold rollin".....11/12/2001, 9:12 pm
Posting Messages11/12/2001, 4:20 pm
Frames with the BBS.11/12/2001, 2:42 pm
Radio questions again11/12/2001, 1:03 pm
Almost winter kayaking11/11/2001, 6:23 pm
Kayak Pilgrimage for NYC11/11/2001, 6:16 pm
Road Trips and BBQ's- OT :)11/11/2001, 3:50 pm
vcp silkie11/11/2001, 1:50 pm
Footwear11/11/2001, 12:07 pm
Cheap Neoprene gloves again11/10/2001, 9:33 pm
Any opinion on desalinators (watermakers) PUR06, P11/9/2001, 5:34 am
what kind of boats should I buy?11/6/2001, 7:34 pm
My race in Norway11/5/2001, 1:01 am
Day hatches: Love 'em or Leave 'em?11/4/2001, 11:35 am
Kayaks For Surf Zone/Rock Gardens11/3/2001, 4:18 am
Three vital safety questions10/22/2001, 11:39 am
Buying Kayak without tryout1/20/2001, 7:52 pm
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