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Any opinion on desalinators (watermakers) PUR06, P11/9/2001, 5:34 am
Beausoleil Island11/7/2001, 9:55 pm
what kind of boats should I buy?11/6/2001, 7:34 pm
Greenland Kayaking Forum is "LIVE" *Pic*11/5/2001, 10:21 pm
Wrapping my new Greenland paddle11/5/2001, 7:46 pm
operation remau reenactment11/5/2001, 5:53 am
My race in Norway11/5/2001, 1:01 am
rolling & weight?11/4/2001, 10:07 pm
Day hatches: Love 'em or Leave 'em?11/4/2001, 11:35 am
Kayaks For Surf Zone/Rock Gardens11/3/2001, 4:18 am
Skunked on the Strait *Pic*11/1/2001, 9:51 pm
AAGGHH......The sea gods took my storm paddle11/1/2001, 8:37 pm
Neoprene Paddling Gloves11/1/2001, 3:07 am
Kayak & sails - any experinece?11/1/2001, 1:52 am
Sun velocity kayak10/31/2001, 8:37 pm
do not rock the boat10/31/2001, 7:10 pm
Put the round peg in the round hole10/31/2001, 10:43 am
Headgear for Winter Paddling10/31/2001, 9:29 am
The value of certification10/31/2001, 1:15 am
baja?10/30/2001, 11:58 pm
Dry top10/30/2001, 8:47 pm
On the subject of standards: Stroke Guidelines10/30/2001, 7:20 pm
Response from BCU10/29/2001, 8:49 pm
Too much Instruction? Junkies?10/29/2001, 4:20 pm
It's the learning...10/29/2001, 1:58 pm
surf instruction10/29/2001, 12:30 pm
BCU Surf?10/29/2001, 10:33 am
Jed:10/29/2001, 9:48 am
"Combat Position"?10/28/2001, 8:10 am
Hard vs Soft - chine hyperbrace.10/25/2001, 11:43 pm
Kayak care10/25/2001, 1:50 pm
Raytheon 102 VHF10/24/2001, 8:27 pm
Toronto rolling course10/24/2001, 9:12 am
Three vital safety questions10/22/2001, 11:39 am
gluing velcro10/18/2001, 9:32 pm
A Few Delmarva Paddler's Retreat Pics10/18/2001, 9:51 am
Anyone here familiar with the Seguin ?10/17/2001, 10:36 pm
Open water safety10/15/2001, 10:45 pm
*****10/15/2001, 10:02 pm
Any opinion on Sosltice GTSH ocean kayak?10/15/2001, 6:19 pm
Brooks Peninsula stories...10/12/2001, 5:07 pm
Skin on frame?10/10/2001, 9:30 am
Rolling: A bad idea?10/9/2001, 3:50 pm
Tarp tips10/8/2001, 11:25 pm
To snap or not to snap, is there a question?10/8/2001, 9:27 pm
Exercise winter workouts..10/8/2001, 11:41 am
yakking after back surgery10/7/2001, 5:34 pm
Sea Knife 17 info?10/7/2001, 5:08 pm
Philosophical Question10/7/2001, 12:44 pm
paddling partner10/6/2001, 8:39 pm
Surf Kayaks10/6/2001, 1:15 am
Rolling with storm paddle10/3/2001, 6:09 pm
Thursday evening paddle at Mukilteo10/3/2001, 1:12 pm
A wonderful community10/2/2001, 8:55 am
Places for selling a boat?10/1/2001, 4:14 pm
Ravenspring Drysuits10/1/2001, 3:28 pm
Kayak roll? I thought you said log roll! *NM* *Pic*10/1/2001, 1:06 am
Staying fit?9/29/2001, 8:39 am
Apostle Islands9/27/2001, 7:23 pm
Glued Minicell Seat Question9/27/2001, 10:32 am
Wax9/26/2001, 6:14 pm
Matagorda Island Kayaking Questions9/25/2001, 1:27 pm
Leaky sprayskirt question9/25/2001, 1:15 pm
Ocean Inlets9/24/2001, 8:06 pm
Visibility of kayaks9/24/2001, 9:12 am
Beautiful evening of paddling last night... but...9/24/2001, 9:00 am
strobe light question9/22/2001, 6:34 pm
Lock and Load - (Long) - A Simple Change of Heart9/19/2001, 11:32 pm
Wrist gasket information9/19/2001, 12:31 pm
For Sale Perceptions Saddle9/15/2001, 9:57 pm
We did it9/15/2001, 2:34 pm
A Moment of Silence9/12/2001, 1:33 pm
thigh brace fit9/11/2001, 11:57 pm
Sawyer Clearwater 5.59/10/2001, 9:32 pm
Gray's Harbor Question9/10/2001, 9:30 pm
Great Lakes vs. Maine (long)9/8/2001, 7:51 pm
Surf Zone Trip Report (long)9/7/2001, 8:51 pm
Greenland storm paddle shape and technique9/7/2001, 4:51 pm
true confessions9/6/2001, 10:35 pm
Hypothermia first aid9/6/2001, 8:04 am
forward stroke sort of - well, greenland too9/3/2001, 10:42 am
Knee Pain9/2/2001, 9:49 pm
kayak commuting on NPR9/2/2001, 8:17 pm
Is there a doctor in the house?9/2/2001, 7:30 pm
They're Not Coming Back9/1/2001, 9:29 pm
hypothermia thanks8/31/2001, 4:04 pm
Strawberry/Cypress Is. on 09/15 & 16?8/31/2001, 2:34 pm
Great Kayaking Destinations8/30/2001, 8:05 pm
gortex or nylon?8/30/2001, 12:54 pm
do drysuits ever fail?8/30/2001, 6:41 am
Winter rough water-S.F. or Seattle?8/28/2001, 7:48 pm
Possible Diamonte Hatch Cover Flaw8/28/2001, 12:02 pm
Hypothermia help8/28/2001, 12:58 am
Whitewater gripe8/28/2001, 12:40 am
forward stroke video8/27/2001, 9:25 pm
Swimming skills8/27/2001, 4:04 pm
Decision-Making.... late arrival8/27/2001, 5:47 am
GPS and/or knot meter rec?8/26/2001, 12:21 pm
Tide question...max flood,ebb8/24/2001, 5:51 pm
Instructor / certification8/24/2001, 11:45 am
Saying "No"8/24/2001, 11:31 am
Law enforcement on the water (long)8/23/2001, 7:58 pm
Men and Decision-making (long)8/23/2001, 3:15 pm
risk, related thoughts8/23/2001, 3:10 pm
Tide - Fishers Race8/23/2001, 9:57 am
Surfing this weekend? (Westport, WA)8/22/2001, 11:34 pm
Portland, OR8/22/2001, 4:24 pm
Your #1 essential8/22/2001, 7:46 am
shaft strength (snap)8/21/2001, 8:21 pm
911, coast guard, police dept.??8/20/2001, 3:57 pm
Whitewater x-training, river running boat choice?8/19/2001, 11:50 am
Onno paddles?8/19/2001, 6:33 am
Great Shoes8/17/2001, 9:29 am
rudder8/15/2001, 6:17 pm
PFD Preferences8/15/2001, 2:49 pm
Harmony paddles8/15/2001, 2:26 pm
Maine Island Trail8/15/2001, 9:18 am
Interested in kayak/stand-up surfer conflict?8/14/2001, 10:00 pm
Montana sailing regulations8/14/2001, 10:37 am
Wandering around in circles...8/13/2001, 6:26 am
Trouble with greenland paddle (Downwind)8/11/2001, 9:04 pm
Risk8/10/2001, 11:22 pm
Rudders8/10/2001, 8:09 pm
TWO (2) new batches of PIX now available.8/10/2001, 1:19 pm
More PIX now online8/10/2001, 12:16 pm
U.S. mandatory kayak safety equipment?8/9/2001, 10:10 am
New Trip PIX now on the Sea Kayak Trips Board8/8/2001, 10:43 am
Kayaking and sinus problems8/8/2001, 9:09 am
EAGER TO LEARN!!8/7/2001, 12:31 pm
Great Lakes no-roll zones?8/7/2001, 9:36 am
Contacts for crabbing regs in Puget Sound?8/7/2001, 1:49 am
Intro to surf8/6/2001, 11:08 pm
Wilderness Systems Freedom or Necky Dolphin8/6/2001, 8:30 pm
Wednesday Rolling Session on Lk. Washington8/6/2001, 12:50 pm
Well, we did it... can i join the club now? MORE.8/6/2001, 9:37 am
jelly fish8/5/2001, 10:56 pm
sea sick from rolling?8/5/2001, 9:55 pm
brent reitz video- EXCELLENT8/5/2001, 7:51 pm
The weather vs. the forecasts8/4/2001, 9:37 pm
High Brace on the move8/3/2001, 3:49 pm
Forget the kids, you guys have warped me!!8/3/2001, 1:22 pm
what a great day on the water - - -8/2/2001, 6:41 pm
High Wind Training (long)8/1/2001, 6:41 pm
Wood Yak vs. Plastic8/1/2001, 12:51 pm
Drowning in Lake Ontario7/31/2001, 11:07 pm
Warping our kids (how risky is kayaking?) *Pic*7/30/2001, 5:34 pm
I am new... so I have a few questions...7/30/2001, 1:32 pm
I am new... so I have a few questions...7/30/2001, 1:30 pm
more paddle comparison questions7/30/2001, 1:05 pm
Glide7/30/2001, 12:34 pm
Raised hatch covers vs. flush?7/29/2001, 9:34 am
paddle size7/27/2001, 10:30 am
roof topping7/26/2001, 8:37 pm
Greenland paddle coverage7/26/2001, 4:04 pm
Diamante Kayaks?7/25/2001, 11:38 am
dehydration and beer7/25/2001, 11:30 am
kayak cart experience7/24/2001, 11:17 pm
Sea sock7/24/2001, 3:15 pm
IR rash guard7/21/2001, 7:55 pm
Preventing Shoulder Injuries7/18/2001, 7:51 pm
Finally got the handroll, woohoo!7/18/2001, 12:47 pm
More forward stroke7/18/2001, 9:59 am
Getting pushed around.7/18/2001, 9:40 am
recue technique and misc7/18/2001, 9:26 am
Tuiliq Questions ???7/17/2001, 5:05 pm
Carbon Greenland Paddle?7/12/2001, 5:02 pm
Atlantic Coast Sea Kayak Symposium?7/12/2001, 2:55 pm
SUNGLASSES!!!!!7/12/2001, 1:38 pm
General Rolling Stick Technique?7/11/2001, 9:29 pm
Boat/Paddle speed day7/11/2001, 2:39 pm
Learning to Handroll7/11/2001, 8:57 am
More D.P. Trip Pictures *Pic*7/9/2001, 11:13 am
Whitewater X-training for sea kayaking (long)7/9/2001, 12:23 am
Back to the lake for more rolling practice :( :)7/8/2001, 1:10 am
teaching beginners7/7/2001, 7:09 pm
Help needed with paddle purchase7/7/2001, 6:09 pm
Mathematically challenged7/6/2001, 8:51 am
Heading North7/3/2001, 7:34 am
Taking Navigation Notes7/2/2001, 5:19 pm
re-enter and roll help7/1/2001, 8:10 pm
I can do it! I can do it!7/1/2001, 2:07 am
Keel Rocker (slightly off topic)6/29/2001, 10:39 am
Plans for a paddle6/29/2001, 12:54 am
kayak trailer6/27/2001, 11:25 pm
Hot Sale6/27/2001, 1:24 pm
combat roll???6/26/2001, 12:07 pm
Aleut and (west) greenland...?6/26/2001, 4:47 am
Loading kayak on small car.6/25/2001, 3:41 pm
Bouyancy Aids in SOF Kayaks?6/25/2001, 10:50 am
Keep Arguing6/25/2001, 10:15 am
ethics question6/25/2001, 2:58 am
Hand Roll Update6/23/2001, 8:30 pm
dilemma6/22/2001, 7:00 pm
more rolling stuff6/22/2001, 5:27 pm
Can anyone help me develop a bombproof hand roll?6/21/2001, 6:54 pm
Question about new roll...6/21/2001, 2:03 pm
Kayak instruction: feathered or unfeathered6/21/2001, 2:16 am
Rolling Disorientation6/20/2001, 3:45 pm
Power Boats off Chicago6/20/2001, 11:15 am
Jetski assistance6/19/2001, 6:14 pm
Orcas: Are we loving them to death?6/18/2001, 11:00 pm
Kudos to Tim Mattson6/17/2001, 8:44 pm
Scoop Rescue6/17/2001, 7:53 pm
Instruction6/17/2001, 5:53 pm
paddle floats: need help!6/16/2001, 9:12 am
russian whitewater6/14/2001, 12:15 am
good buy, binocs6/13/2001, 4:05 am
Kayak racks on new Westfalia/Eurovan6/12/2001, 11:19 pm
Ever try shooting a low head dam in a...6/12/2001, 9:16 am
Savvy Paddler book6/11/2001, 11:34 pm
Anyone practice...6/11/2001, 4:46 pm
Spare Air for Rolling Practise?6/11/2001, 12:08 am
Re-entry - Glub6/10/2001, 4:54 pm
parafoils for sea kayaks6/9/2001, 10:45 pm
Got the Roll !!!!! :)6/9/2001, 9:12 pm
Chaffing6/8/2001, 2:45 pm
4-eyes6/7/2001, 4:21 pm
I hear that...6/7/2001, 9:24 am
RAII Sea Kayak any good?6/7/2001, 12:48 am
Bear Spray Deal6/5/2001, 3:14 pm
Forward stroke & knotmeters6/5/2001, 10:49 am
Intro & Hello Murray6/4/2001, 10:27 pm
Numb Leg & Foot6/4/2001, 8:02 pm
Benefit swim needs paddlers OT6/4/2001, 12:56 pm
Greenland stroke6/4/2001, 4:49 am
Today's swim, or 2 piece greenland paddles6/4/2001, 12:54 am
Still trying to skull6/3/2001, 10:19 pm
VHF Radio6/3/2001, 9:48 pm
a first6/3/2001, 6:58 pm
silly question - please help me!6/3/2001, 9:25 am
Visually impaired wanted sea kayak ride?6/1/2001, 9:40 pm
Question for ya'll???6/1/2001, 8:19 pm
Paddle choice?6/1/2001, 8:11 pm
greenland paddle bracing5/31/2001, 2:14 pm
Bear Spray in Canada5/31/2001, 8:44 am
More New Equipment5/31/2001, 7:56 am
Whetstone T1 Paddle5/31/2001, 7:39 am
Day hatch?5/30/2001, 7:02 pm
Roll advice?5/29/2001, 11:52 pm
Paddling around Victoria, BC5/29/2001, 11:04 am
PADDLE QUEST5/28/2001, 10:21 pm
Charity paddle event in NE Indiana5/28/2001, 9:28 pm
Kayak student tragedy in MA5/28/2001, 7:55 am
Paddle float rescue5/28/2001, 1:24 am
Thumb damage from rolling5/25/2001, 8:12 am
User Profiles5/23/2001, 8:35 pm
Prince William Sound, suggestions please5/23/2001, 2:05 pm
New Paddles5/22/2001, 10:29 pm
Safety -- what's first?5/22/2001, 1:36 pm
Lessons learned on B.C. trip (long)5/22/2001, 1:24 pm
Flathead Paddlefest I - Brief Boat Reviews5/21/2001, 1:01 pm
Flathead Paddlefest II - Deep Thoughts5/21/2001, 1:00 pm
REI Sale on Neoprene Booties *Pic*5/20/2001, 2:24 pm
skegs and rudders5/20/2001, 1:24 am
Incident Report -Hypothermia with Patellar Injury5/19/2001, 6:50 pm
Speaking of the Great Lakes...5/19/2001, 1:20 am
Rolling question5/18/2001, 5:15 pm
Parafoil kites and kayaking5/18/2001, 10:00 am
Any info on Hurricane Aqua Sprots kayaks?5/17/2001, 11:28 pm
Rolling on the go - again5/17/2001, 10:19 pm
Spring weather and the Great Lakes5/17/2001, 12:08 pm
Board Surfers: Rotten to the Core?5/17/2001, 11:47 am
One hatch or 25/17/2001, 5:37 am
The Learning Curve5/16/2001, 11:12 pm
Weird Kayaker Accident in S. Oregon5/16/2001, 9:30 pm
advice part deux5/14/2001, 4:33 pm
greenland paddle5/14/2001, 1:06 am
New Electric Bilge Pump5/13/2001, 12:22 am
sculling5/8/2001, 6:42 pm
Using seagulls to read water conditions5/8/2001, 4:32 pm
Old Town Nantucket5/8/2001, 4:08 pm
skulling5/7/2001, 6:28 pm
Hypothermia and Children5/7/2001, 11:18 am
weather cocking + blowing out to sea5/6/2001, 7:56 am
Viagra won't help!5/4/2001, 8:40 pm
Paddling backwards5/3/2001, 6:43 pm
Silencing the Lambs...5/3/2001, 12:10 pm
Need Some Advice5/3/2001, 10:41 am
If a tree falls in the woods...5/1/2001, 7:25 pm
Paddlling Etiqette5/1/2001, 7:02 pm
yakker problem near vancouver5/1/2001, 6:01 pm
New Tuiliq & The Petrussen Maneuver5/1/2001, 3:51 pm
Princeton Tec Sport Flare4/30/2001, 9:01 pm
Eclipse/Shadow/Corona seat backs4/30/2001, 1:04 pm
Monday 18 ft. west swell!4/29/2001, 3:22 pm
One roll I'd like to know4/27/2001, 11:47 pm
New Greenland Paddle4/27/2001, 10:33 pm
Do rollers Swim? (long)4/27/2001, 7:31 pm
New Looksha's for sale4/27/2001, 5:23 pm
chines4/27/2001, 3:09 pm
getting in - the basics4/27/2001, 3:05 pm
rolling - shoulder pain4/27/2001, 1:42 pm
First roll of a sea kayak :D4/27/2001, 1:01 pm
Drysuit or waders and drytop?4/27/2001, 12:17 pm
Rolling with a Paddle Leash4/27/2001, 11:33 am
Line that compression sack!4/26/2001, 11:19 pm
advice4/25/2001, 11:45 am
Seaisle nj put-in/take-out/docklanding4/25/2001, 3:43 am
which way to lean4/24/2001, 7:35 pm
Great PFD Deal! *Pic*4/22/2001, 5:50 pm
All this stuff4/22/2001, 12:44 pm
Care and feeding of wetsuits??4/21/2001, 9:28 pm
neoprene rules4/21/2001, 8:01 pm
Croakies4/21/2001, 3:16 pm
Wet Suit Modification4/19/2001, 1:43 am
Lessons in CT?4/18/2001, 1:29 pm
Encouragment4/17/2001, 2:42 pm
Wrist pains after short outing on calm water4/16/2001, 11:00 pm
Actual accidents4/16/2001, 6:46 pm
Immersion clothing4/16/2001, 12:24 pm
I learned a little in the pool, too!4/16/2001, 12:26 am
Over reliance on swimming pools.4/15/2001, 4:51 pm
1st time buying a kayak4/15/2001, 3:14 pm
Calling all racers4/15/2001, 1:24 am
Risk Minimization?4/12/2001, 12:06 pm
P+H Quest?4/11/2001, 5:04 pm
To whom are we speaking?4/11/2001, 12:28 pm
Desalinators4/10/2001, 7:59 pm
Weathercocking question4/9/2001, 4:52 pm
Paddling deaths4/9/2001, 2:28 am
Help! My head's going to explode!!4/8/2001, 10:52 pm
What's important to emphasize?4/8/2001, 4:04 pm
"Lean"? Whadya mean?4/8/2001, 11:46 am
Here is a clip from NURPU *Pic*4/4/2001, 4:25 pm
reboard technique for special shapes4/4/2001, 12:43 pm
Spray Skirts4/4/2001, 12:31 pm
Canada Customs4/2/2001, 3:27 pm
clothing advice for an adventure race4/2/2001, 2:02 pm
Rolling *Pic*4/2/2001, 12:57 pm
Separated from boat in the surf4/2/2001, 12:34 am
Safety Link3/30/2001, 4:32 pm
Basic question on paddles and PFD's.3/30/2001, 1:05 pm
capella launch3/30/2001, 12:41 am
What do you think?3/29/2001, 1:57 pm
Looking for a rolling class3/28/2001, 3:26 pm
Wake wave paranoia3/25/2001, 9:33 pm
Body of kayaker found in Potomac3/25/2001, 4:46 pm
noisy yakima racks3/25/2001, 9:49 am
Learning to Kayak3/24/2001, 4:58 pm
Diabetes and Kayaking3/22/2001, 3:52 pm
Salt!3/18/2001, 12:45 pm
Rain-X and glasses3/18/2001, 12:10 pm
drysuit needed3/16/2001, 1:18 pm
Experiencing Technical Difficulties3/14/2001, 12:23 pm
What happened?3/14/2001, 11:56 am
Bolts through the hull3/13/2001, 12:03 pm
Question: Aleut and Greenland paddles3/10/2001, 6:07 pm
Magnetic North3/9/2001, 7:32 pm
landing in surf3/9/2001, 9:53 am
Velcro, glue, etc for modifying my Khats3/5/2001, 4:52 pm
Port Hardy - North3/1/2001, 4:23 pm
INSTRUCTOR NEEDED3/1/2001, 12:13 pm
Bilge pump hull exit2/28/2001, 2:36 pm
Women's Drysuits2/28/2001, 10:17 am
different rolls2/27/2001, 11:44 pm
Best sea kayak(comfort+handling)4very long trip?2/26/2001, 9:17 pm
Question: Flutter and blade shape2/25/2001, 6:12 pm
Recommendations for surf kayaks2/25/2001, 11:40 am
Skegs vs. rudder vs. nothing2/24/2001, 2:03 pm
testing for leaks2/23/2001, 12:04 pm
Is the Dagger Atlantis a good sea-kayak? *Pic*2/22/2001, 8:54 pm
Perception sierra Wanted!!2/21/2001, 10:25 pm
Lumber in NYC area?2/20/2001, 6:02 pm
Fluid-filled compasses and sub-zero temps2/19/2001, 12:58 am
Can anyone help me understand Tides?2/18/2001, 5:19 pm
Airlines and camp gaer2/16/2001, 11:01 am
Prijon Glue2/14/2001, 6:41 pm
Kayak cart recommendations?2/11/2001, 12:41 am
looking for videos *Pic*2/10/2001, 4:28 pm
Fiberglass repair2/5/2001, 3:51 pm
iceland2/5/2001, 9:30 am
Removing scratches from gel coat2/5/2001, 12:02 am
Question of the day, shows2/3/2001, 7:22 am
Sea Kayakers in Fresno?2/3/2001, 1:21 am
san diego whale watch?2/2/2001, 11:04 pm
gokayaking.com2/1/2001, 7:53 pm
retrofittig a skeg cable1/31/2001, 5:43 pm
VHF radios inland1/31/2001, 1:30 pm
Reversing rudder lines...1/31/2001, 4:41 am
Fuzzy Rubber Suit1/28/2001, 2:56 pm
Customizing a Pintail1/27/2001, 7:53 pm
Chota Mukluks1/26/2001, 10:58 am
Elliot Key, Fla.1/25/2001, 1:28 pm
New drytop questions1/25/2001, 1:25 am
Greenland/Aleut Paddles1/24/2001, 12:35 am
Review of the Derek Hutchinson CD1/22/2001, 8:50 pm
spider cracks on Valley yak1/22/2001, 3:15 pm
Valley Pintail?1/22/2001, 12:39 pm
Buying Kayak without tryout1/20/2001, 7:52 pm
Talk to the voice of experience1/18/2001, 11:07 am
Paddle Weight1/18/2001, 9:29 am
Tande - Who sits where?1/17/2001, 7:13 pm
Question about Ice1/16/2001, 6:08 pm
Selling used sea kayak1/15/2001, 6:45 pm
test paddle, new kayak, new dry suit1/14/2001, 5:23 pm
scratched graphite1/13/2001, 4:45 pm
wrist watch to predict tides1/13/2001, 10:33 am
Mike M., Everglades question...1/12/2001, 11:51 pm
Hand Paddle1/12/2001, 8:15 pm
relief on the water1/9/2001, 6:20 pm
radar visibility1/8/2001, 11:35 am
Shoulder excercises?1/7/2001, 11:35 pm
hip pads and thigh supports1/5/2001, 9:25 pm
san diego1/5/2001, 8:46 pm
Chota Mukluks1/5/2001, 11:41 am
backup, roll aid1/3/2001, 7:49 pm
Marine VHF Radio use in Canada1/3/2001, 9:14 am
Aftermarket foot pedal / rudder controls1/3/2001, 1:00 am
Paddle picks up too much water1/3/2001, 12:31 am
paddle length ?1/2/2001, 9:52 am
Parafooils1/1/2001, 9:30 pm
Water Temp, NE12/29/2000, 1:46 pm
AquaPac Case Source In Denver12/28/2000, 6:48 pm
Deck Bag Recommendations12/28/2000, 6:46 pm
Deep trouble12/26/2000, 2:27 pm
compasses12/26/2000, 10:43 am
Wooden Paddle12/26/2000, 12:45 am
How Cold?12/23/2000, 1:37 am
Tools for Greenland Paddle Making12/22/2000, 4:05 pm
Author, Author12/20/2000, 12:01 am
wooden paddles12/19/2000, 2:47 pm
radar reflector12/18/2000, 1:01 pm
running lights, part deux12/17/2000, 12:34 pm
Optimum running lights sought12/13/2000, 10:08 pm
NECKY.COM (NT)12/11/2000, 10:45 pm
Paddle surface lit up?12/10/2000, 6:56 pm
Strobe light rules?12/10/2000, 1:25 pm
Certification12/8/2000, 11:26 am
Kayak fishing12/5/2000, 11:20 pm
Solo Paddling12/4/2000, 6:38 pm
Article in December issue of Sea Kayaker12/3/2000, 5:27 pm
bilge pumps11/29/2000, 7:36 pm
Stay dry with drytops for christmas11/29/2000, 4:54 pm
vhf suggestion11/29/2000, 4:50 pm
Enjoy the day!11/28/2000, 5:24 pm
Psychology of rolling?11/27/2000, 4:10 pm
East Coast Cruise11/25/2000, 8:46 pm
Speaking of being alone...11/25/2000, 12:13 pm
Oval Hatches11/25/2000, 11:08 am
You are alone/not entirely11/22/2000, 12:22 am
Necky or Perception sea kayak?11/20/2000, 4:38 pm
Too mask dependant?11/19/2000, 6:41 pm
glucosamine-chondroitin?11/18/2000, 10:10 pm
rolling11/17/2000, 4:08 pm
Best Tool? Micro? Leathmn? Swiss? ?11/17/2000, 1:06 pm
a common experience11/16/2000, 1:48 pm
two-way radios11/14/2000, 12:53 pm
Less is More When Rolling.11/13/2000, 8:19 pm
Drysuit vs. Dry Top & Pants11/13/2000, 1:38 pm
advice needed11/12/2000, 8:24 pm
Rolling for the nearsighted, et. al.11/9/2000, 2:11 pm
BCU in florida?11/8/2000, 7:18 pm
More technique queries11/6/2000, 5:43 am
How to get good technique?11/5/2000, 4:35 pm
Why so seasonal?11/5/2000, 1:59 pm
And I though I was the only crazy one!!!11/3/2000, 12:05 pm
bailer11/2/2000, 8:19 pm
paddle11/2/2000, 8:49 am
Greenland Paddle11/1/2000, 8:06 am
Is kevlar more susceptable then glass to cold?10/31/2000, 9:25 pm
No more feet falling asleep10/29/2000, 10:10 pm
severely scratched hull, speed?10/24/2000, 10:23 pm
DISTANCE TO PADDLE10/23/2000, 1:29 pm
Last try: Chris Duff on Orcas Island - Nov 310/21/2000, 2:35 pm
Repost: Chris Duff on Orcas Island - Nov 310/21/2000, 2:26 pm
Chris Duff on Orcas Island - Nov 310/21/2000, 2:19 pm
Cold weather wear10/16/2000, 12:01 pm
Big fat paddle rolls better...10/15/2000, 6:14 pm
Gluing strips with contact cement?10/15/2000, 5:11 am
Single blade paddles10/12/2000, 10:31 pm
Sit On Top vs. Standard & Safety10/10/2000, 10:48 am
Warm weather inn-to-inn paddling destinations10/9/2000, 6:58 pm
Sea Kayaks For Sale: End of Season10/9/2000, 11:42 am
Sea Kayaker Survey10/7/2000, 1:32 am
OUCH !10/7/2000, 12:16 am
Winged paddles10/5/2000, 1:14 pm
Accelerated learning10/5/2000, 12:00 pm
I got this rolling bit...10/1/2000, 9:20 pm
EPIRB- HELP!!9/30/2000, 11:43 pm
K-19/28/2000, 1:40 pm
re-entry & roll (w.float)9/27/2000, 11:56 am
the "Petrussen Maneuver" *Pic*9/26/2000, 5:57 pm
Doubles, Sea Socks and Floatation9/25/2000, 2:11 pm
Re-enter & roll?9/25/2000, 1:12 pm
Another San Juan Tragedy9/24/2000, 7:24 pm
rod holder9/23/2000, 5:16 pm
Class material9/23/2000, 12:19 am
Never been in a kayak before9/22/2000, 6:13 pm
Day-tripping in a Guillemot9/21/2000, 8:27 am
BIG BOY YAK????9/20/2000, 1:22 am
OUTRIGGER KAYAKS...9/18/2000, 12:49 am
Hittin a few and...9/17/2000, 5:33 pm
HELP>>>90mph PWC!????9/15/2000, 6:47 pm
storage!9/15/2000, 5:31 pm
Self Instruction Vs. Teaching - Rolls/Whatever9/14/2000, 11:43 am
Direction9/13/2000, 9:49 pm
Thule or yakima?9/10/2000, 9:31 pm
Rolling (lack of) progress9/10/2000, 8:06 pm
OUTRIGGER KAYAKS -- PART 29/10/2000, 4:29 pm
OUTRIGGER KAYAKS9/10/2000, 4:27 pm
experience with a full size van?9/8/2000, 9:13 pm
rolling and beam winds9/8/2000, 7:30 am
emergency roll9/7/2000, 4:48 pm
Pfd: park, oarlock and rescues - reality9/5/2000, 6:18 pm
Goretex and Salt Water: Final Log; Stardate 20009/5/2000, 11:43 am
Inspired by Don9/5/2000, 10:20 am
What I learned in rolling today...9/4/2000, 7:30 pm
"greenland paddle"9/1/2000, 10:05 pm
Whetstone revisited9/1/2000, 2:00 pm
Avoncraft Banook8/30/2000, 10:58 pm
Are Deluge sailing rigs safe? *Pic*8/30/2000, 10:20 am
Teaching myself to roll8/28/2000, 4:58 pm
Fatal attraction8/28/2000, 1:11 pm
1 leg falls asleep8/27/2000, 12:48 am
sculling brace8/26/2000, 11:12 pm
parasails8/26/2000, 1:45 am
Transportation with Roof racks8/24/2000, 9:34 pm
paddle8/24/2000, 9:03 pm
hot air & rubbish8/22/2000, 4:30 pm
bend roll8/21/2000, 11:14 pm
Paddle Leash Design8/21/2000, 7:22 pm
tow harness8/18/2000, 2:00 am
And they say a rudder is a drag8/17/2000, 10:46 pm
skin-on-frame8/16/2000, 12:31 pm
Rolling terminology frustrations8/16/2000, 10:04 am
Big plastic kayaks for big people?8/16/2000, 7:13 am
Gear Maintenance and Repair. Let us know your tric8/14/2000, 10:56 pm
Balanced Brace8/14/2000, 9:26 pm
******Help****sea wings-sponsons8/14/2000, 9:39 am
Heading straight into it - or tacking ?8/14/2000, 6:08 am
elementary technique8/13/2000, 11:04 pm
jellyfish8/8/2000, 11:42 am
Ways to stop surfing sideways ?8/6/2000, 11:02 pm
Sea kayaking in the desert8/4/2000, 10:15 pm
Sea Anchors and Drogues: Length of Rode?8/4/2000, 10:00 pm
Spare paddle...single blade8/2/2000, 8:38 am
Kite for Kayak?8/2/2000, 12:17 am
Whats the difference?7/30/2000, 6:36 pm
Effectiveness of 2-pc. dry suits?7/29/2000, 5:08 pm
kayak sails and sailing gear7/29/2000, 7:53 am
Electric bilge7/27/2000, 4:35 pm
Need GPS advice7/27/2000, 7:57 am
I need some information7/25/2000, 11:00 pm
ocean kayaking7/25/2000, 11:59 am
Double Wood Paddle7/23/2000, 9:58 pm
CT Kayaking7/21/2000, 3:36 pm
Which paddle?7/21/2000, 1:18 pm
Electronics question7/20/2000, 7:12 pm
Heading out...7/20/2000, 1:18 pm
the goods7/19/2000, 3:43 pm
Double resize techniques?7/19/2000, 7:30 am
Thanks everybody. Now, kayaking in assateaque7/17/2000, 3:02 pm
the effect of salt on gortex7/16/2000, 11:03 pm
PADDLE HIGH7/13/2000, 8:59 pm
3D-Imaging of kayaktechniques7/9/2000, 8:08 am
surfing a power boat wave7/6/2000, 5:18 pm
Tendonitis7/6/2000, 1:17 am
helmet for surf practice7/5/2000, 12:59 am
cape hatteras kayak7/1/2000, 11:10 am
VHS Radios6/26/2000, 3:30 pm
Rolling in rough water6/24/2000, 12:44 pm
good rudder and free download6/24/2000, 8:25 am
Paddling trouble6/24/2000, 12:12 am
Thanks for your responses6/21/2000, 2:59 pm
Practice Conditions for Rolling6/19/2000, 10:13 am
Head Lamp6/19/2000, 8:25 am
Sweat and Sprayskirts6/18/2000, 11:05 pm
Bruises galore6/14/2000, 12:14 pm
Seasick? Anyone? (Anyone?)6/9/2000, 5:52 pm
learning to roll, or rather, not learning6/7/2000, 1:21 am
teaching draw strokes6/6/2000, 6:25 am
Question for physics/nautical engineer major6/5/2000, 8:23 pm
Lake Paddling Conditions - Findings to Date5/30/2000, 9:11 pm
Spectrum tracking and Glue?5/29/2000, 10:21 pm
Ain't what it used to be5/29/2000, 9:17 pm
Superior's shouldered greenland paddle?5/27/2000, 8:48 pm
kayak instructor programs5/26/2000, 11:14 pm
Glider will not turn5/25/2000, 10:01 am
A pool roll is not a combat roll.5/23/2000, 9:36 pm
Initial Stability - Question5/23/2000, 4:42 pm
Opinions on Boreal Ellesmere5/23/2000, 8:31 am
Helpful Books5/19/2000, 11:34 am
Kayak trolling "Coke Rig" *Pic*5/18/2000, 1:31 pm
Recommendations for "play about" double?5/18/2000, 8:09 am
rolling double5/17/2000, 10:18 am
Spray skirt5/16/2000, 5:22 am
should I get a rudder?5/15/2000, 3:16 pm
Lake Paddling Conditions5/13/2000, 12:18 pm
Standards for Kayaking Instructors5/13/2000, 12:16 pm
Shoulder Injuries & Kayaking?5/10/2000, 3:33 pm
HELP info on suv rack5/7/2000, 9:40 am
Bad rudder!5/6/2000, 4:58 pm
Greenland paddle for beginner or not?5/4/2000, 11:15 pm
Wilderness Systems Seacret5/4/2000, 2:49 am
new spiffy paddle5/3/2000, 11:47 pm
solo kayaking5/2/2000, 8:34 am
Borealdesign's Narwhal5/1/2000, 8:57 pm
Re: At the risk of sounding indelicate.....5/1/2000, 8:31 pm
Sea Kayaking the Washington Coast5/1/2000, 5:47 pm
Missing Kayaker5/1/2000, 10:54 am
flooded bulkhead rescue scenarios?4/30/2000, 11:55 pm
Kayak Rescue!!4/30/2000, 9:24 pm
Solo Kayaking4/30/2000, 9:01 pm
Turning4/29/2000, 8:38 am
Suunto Orca4/28/2000, 8:04 pm
Remember the Ride Board? *Pic*4/27/2000, 3:58 pm
San Juan4/25/2000, 8:17 pm
DRY SUIT SEAL4/23/2000, 10:44 pm
Necky Pinta4/23/2000, 2:17 pm
How to fix scratched kevlar?4/22/2000, 10:59 pm
Bad Links4/21/2000, 10:19 pm
Greenlander pro4/21/2000, 7:17 pm
NDK Seal suit4/20/2000, 8:54 pm
Ireland4/19/2000, 5:58 pm
paddle floats - Rescues4/19/2000, 3:39 pm
Greenland paddling video4/18/2000, 8:46 am
Truck rack4/16/2000, 11:04 am
Kayak saddles4/16/2000, 10:44 am
personalizing my yak4/16/2000, 10:31 am
Rudder or Not4/16/2000, 10:23 am
Absolute Beginners4/15/2000, 10:11 am
Towline Setup4/11/2000, 2:25 pm
Make your own camp stove4/11/2000, 1:59 pm
ummmm....kayaks...4/10/2000, 5:55 pm
Gloves, bracing, and cold water4/10/2000, 5:21 pm
helmets4/10/2000, 1:46 pm
inflatable PFD's4/9/2000, 11:08 pm
roll (on) your own4/8/2000, 8:52 pm
nylon spray skirts4/6/2000, 8:21 pm
sea-kayaking schedule4/2/2000, 5:37 pm
WOMEN IN THE KAYAK3/31/2000, 12:39 pm
F.S. Cnook NW3/30/2000, 10:03 am
Stolen Seaward Quest Kayak3/30/2000, 1:12 am
Seek info from users of kites to pull a sea kaya3/29/2000, 9:53 pm
all in rescues3/26/2000, 6:21 pm
Foot operated bilge pumps3/26/2000, 1:20 pm
Needed: Kayak course outline.3/23/2000, 2:14 pm
Beginner needs accessories advice3/23/2000, 11:15 am
sidesurfing and high braces3/20/2000, 9:52 pm
learning new ways to teach wet exits,ACA3/18/2000, 11:42 pm
Beginner needs wet suit advice-lessons in WA3/17/2000, 4:19 pm
Two piece "dry" suit question3/16/2000, 9:45 am
ROLLING IN A DOUBLE KAYAK3/15/2000, 4:14 pm
Discovery Islands in BC3/14/2000, 8:32 pm
pacific to atlantic3/14/2000, 7:07 pm
Surf technique learning experiences3/13/2000, 1:48 pm
the government in your face ... again !!!!3/12/2000, 4:34 pm
I am looking for a used sea kayak in WA state...3/11/2000, 10:18 pm
jeep rack3/11/2000, 7:31 am
kayak tips3/9/2000, 9:02 pm
Re-enter &roll, or Big Costly Mistake3/9/2000, 3:21 pm
Integrated rudders3/9/2000, 2:03 pm
rudder and speaking of wood3/7/2000, 9:19 pm
Why no sliding seats in Kayaks3/6/2000, 4:15 pm
What's wrong with this photo?3/6/2000, 9:54 am
Rolling pix3/3/2000, 2:47 pm
Racing a guillemot3/1/2000, 2:34 pm
fuzzy rubber - - -3/1/2000, 9:28 am
Spraykirt Recommendations2/29/2000, 4:46 pm
Wrist/Hand Exercises2/23/2000, 4:08 pm
Re-enter and Roll--How do they do that?2/23/2000, 3:18 pm
Canvas Kayak in a Pool?2/23/2000, 1:14 am
Drysuits: Gortex or not?2/22/2000, 4:30 pm
Rolling Frustration2/22/2000, 2:50 am
Sea Kayaker Mag.2/22/2000, 12:06 am
skills class2/20/2000, 8:19 pm
license plate ---2/17/2000, 8:00 am
NavRules 2.2.42/15/2000, 8:31 pm
skegs and rudders2/14/2000, 1:30 pm
Did anyone notice2/13/2000, 5:16 pm
Foot Wear2/13/2000, 12:06 pm
Sponsons2/8/2000, 9:56 pm
Back-up back up2/6/2000, 3:04 pm
Cold Water Kayaking2/2/2000, 6:21 pm
Electric Pump Suggestions1/30/2000, 3:20 pm
Need Direction1/30/2000, 1:26 pm
Learning to roll1/25/2000, 4:08 pm
I guess it's time to take the boat off the car1/25/2000, 8:30 am
Test1/24/2000, 10:27 am
Spray Skirt - A little tight1/22/2000, 6:53 pm
Ice On the River, Cold on the Sea1/19/2000, 8:41 pm
Elec Pump Questions1/19/2000, 8:11 pm
Back-up1/12/2000, 10:38 pm
Eskimo Roll1/12/2000, 7:53 pm
KBbb Problems ??1/11/2000, 2:36 am
Rotating bb blackouts1/11/2000, 1:00 am
You might need to see a therapist if ....1/10/2000, 10:09 am
Wanted: Your Gear Review1/9/2000, 9:16 pm
Werner Camano Any Good?1/7/2000, 9:39 pm
Thru-hull adapters1/4/2000, 1:48 pm
New Site - Check it out!1/3/2000, 12:39 pm
Foot Braces1/1/2000, 8:36 pm
Paddle Jackets/Dry Tops1/1/2000, 5:14 pm
Surf Landing12/27/1999, 10:14 pm
Portable Water Filters12/22/1999, 12:03 pm
Sea Kayaking Competition12/20/1999, 5:04 pm
Under deck storage in Sea Kayaks12/17/1999, 11:53 pm
Kokotat dry suit , small , on sale12/17/1999, 9:54 pm
Apelco 520 VHF radio opinions12/16/1999, 10:26 am
Paradigm sea kayak12/15/1999, 8:10 pm
Advice on Sea Kayak paddles needed12/14/1999, 7:43 pm
cracked paddle blade12/13/1999, 8:14 am
Jackets12/11/1999, 10:15 pm
For Sale: Inflatable Paddlefloat/Drybag--CHEAP12/10/1999, 10:49 am
VHF Radios12/4/1999, 7:40 pm
Distance11/30/1999, 11:15 pm
Mariner kayaks11/30/1999, 6:19 pm
lights11/30/1999, 1:24 pm
tidal rivers11/18/1999, 8:24 pm
Shortening a paddle11/17/1999, 11:04 am
Watch Way You Going !11/17/1999, 2:54 am
Camping: carts, beaver dams, etc11/11/1999, 9:02 pm
kayak color11/10/1999, 9:01 pm
wanting to try sea kayaking11/8/1999, 11:02 pm
Rolling Class11/7/1999, 12:23 am
WeatherCocking & Skegs (How do I work this thi7/13/1999, 5:34 pm
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