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Spray Skirt - A little tight

Hi All,

I read all the back stuff on spray skirt fit from the "search" feature on the board, but heres the question.

I was using a nylon Snapdragon, (large) on my Pygmy Coho, and this afternoon purchased a Snapdragon Sea tour Glacier with neoprene deck and top, and nylon tube. This is the Snapdragon with the sewn in bungee, not the adjustable kind. I was told that the different Snapdragon models were made the same, in other words large in nylon is the same in neoprene.

The bottom line is, after getting home with the skirt, I find that the skirt is fairly tight to get on. Will it loosen up with a little use, and also once its wet? I did read just now, (after I purchased the skirt in New Orleans), that the skirt was more recommended for plastic boats. Is this because a plastic boat has a very smooth contoured rim?

I think that the XL size in the same model of skirt would probably be too large

Thanks for any help.

Chris, Baton Rouge, LA

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Spray Skirt - A little tight
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