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Learning to roll

I met whith Jerry last night at the UPS pool. We went over the basics of rolling. I played around in his whitewater 'yak, flipped it once while seeing how long I could hold it up on edge. Watched Jerry play around for a while, did a few rolls including hand rolls. We the got to work learning to roll. I was having trouble with his WW paddle, so I switched to my Greenland, what a difference. 1/2 hour after we got to the pool, I completed my first roll. After a few rolls, I rested for a while. I went back in, missed a couple then got three right after each other. It was a lot of fun and pretty easy at the end. I'll be back to practice and to learn in a sea kayak. Thanks to Jerry, (he did a great job) I'm on my way to feeling comfortable rolling.