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Electric Pump Suggestions

Just a few suggestions for people who are going to install electric pumps in their kayaks.

1- Solder all connections. Do not rely on the screw connections on the switch or other parts. Do not use acid core solder use a resin core.

2- Solder and shrink wrap will make the connections waterproof! Leave at least 1/2 inch of wrap on either side of joints and connections.

3- Use a "western union" splice when joining wires. This is the easiest, very strong and results in little if any resistance increase. Solder the joint.

4- Connect an LED indicator light in the system to tell you when it is on. This is so that you will know if it gets turned on accidentally or if, in the heat of the moment, you forgot to turn it off so mount the LED where it is easily visible and get in the habit of looking at it periodically. (LED's will have no effect on the life of the battery as they draw negligable amounts of power)

5- Put a piece of shrink wrap on the wire in any spot that it might wear against something.

6- make sure that the wires are routed neatly and tightly to prevent them being ripped out in any situation. Plastic wire loom works well for this.

Hope this will help.