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Let me refine my question....still need input

Okay, here are my requirements. Small sail, to be used occcasionally, must deploy and be taken down rapidly. Key, must be able to take down the contraption if the winds pick up rapidly. One unit, sold by MEC now fits such a criteria, but, the mast sits in a small cradle which is mounted to the foredeck. Very low profile cradle, about 2 inches high. The mast pivots in the cradle. In order to remove the mast, you have to lift it out of the cup on the cradle. Under a strong wind load, you can't generate sufficient power to lift it out of the cup. I need a system that allows you to do things quickly.

I remember a slew of incident reports when I lived in BC, over the past 3-4 years, where they found a kayak with sail, and no paddler. Wishing to avoid same. Will read on Eric, lots of posts to get through.

: Thanks Eric, just getting an update. Technology changes each year, thinking
: changes, Brianne, great link, haven't seen this. Eric, will review posts,
: but anyone with recent sailing experience, misadventures, cautions,
: advice, plz do jump in.

: Cheers

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