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Re: Let me refine my question....still need input

Take a look at http://www.kayakforum.com/cgi-bin/Building/index.cgi/read/64831 only downwind and not the fastest sail but you still fly in strong winds. Apart from you paddle no outriggers etc needed. Easy to take down, you just grab the sheets and pull them at the same time. The masts will then lay down on deck in front of cockpit. Sail will self collapse if wind over powers it (then right itself once the gust passes). No through deck fittings since the foot is bungied to deck. To set you just undo a velco strap and the front bungie stays take over lifting the masts thus setting the sail - time less then 5 seconds.

What ever design you decide on ALLWAYS carry a knife on your PFD to cut the sail loose or free yourself from the sheet. If you go for a large sail with outriggers then consider a tether system between you and the yak.