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Re:....still need input - Well, You Asked !

: Okay, here are my requirements. Small sail, to be used occcasionally, must
: deploy and be taken down rapidly. Key, must be able to take down the
: contraption if the winds pick up rapidly.

Please look up:


See under Kajak, then Segelschirm.


One unit, sold by MEC now fits
: such a criteria, but, the mast sits in a small cradle which is mounted to
: the foredeck. Very low profile cradle, about 2 inches high. The mast
: pivots in the cradle. In order to remove the mast, you have to lift it out
: of the cup on the cradle. Under a strong wind load, you can't generate
: sufficient power to lift it out of the cup. I need a system that allows
: you to do things quickly.

: I remember a slew of incident reports when I lived in BC, over the past 3-4
: years, where they found a kayak with sail, and no paddler. Wishing to
: avoid same. Will read on Eric, lots of posts to get through.