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Thanks, I got a sail :)
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After reading through the archives and viewing my opportunities, I picked up a spirit sail at discount. Thanks for the great tips, so many options and such good advice, thanks all. Now I will be just like Bill Murray in "What About Bob", the scene where he is lashed to the mast yelling, "I'm sailing, I'm SAILING". Hey, its alot nicer than breaking down me paddle and tying on a tarp.


: I want to do some kayak sailing. Read about it, have done it in doubles using
: a makeshift system. Now I want to sail my single. What sail should I use?
: Anything to look out for? Any advantages to specific designs? Should I use
: an outrigger, if so 2 or 1? Have rudder on yak, want to fly. Can anyone
: help? Thanks in advance.