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Re: Check out the Wedgesail rig

: why wouldn't you just buy something like an Easy Rider.... never saw one, but
: read some reviews and the price is what a high end plastic boat would
: be... seem like alot of add-on to the boat... what's the price for his
: set-up? Thanks

That's a good question. I think of sailing as a high quality sport. People who do it spend mucho $$$ on their passion. As I said, it is a very expensive way to go nowhere slowly. When I saw the Wedgesail rig, it bespoke quality. Fine blocks, excellent sail, top quality mast, specially designed carbon fiber rudder... ingenious outriggers and rigging. And the guy knew what he was talking about. The second time I met him he had some real good glue suggestions. He knows stuff. I like that.

When ya start thinking this way... price is a secondary consideration... which is why I don't kayak sail. I have royal taste and a peasant's larder.

Safe Paddling!