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Re-enter &roll, or Big Costly Mistake

I tried the re-enter and roll in my plastic Sea Lion (24" beam). I didn't get so fancy as to try getting the spray skirt on. I got under the boat, stuck my head in the cockpit for one quick breath, and slid in fairly easily. When I rolled up, it had a few inches of water, which was of course kinda tippy, sloshing all over.

My BIG mistake was when I tried another guy's boat, a 21" by 19' home made strip built. It rolled like a dream, and with the few inches of water in it, it still maintained a high degree of stability. I guess secondary stability is even more important once you start adding bilge water.

Now I know what I'm missing. Life will never be the same. Waah!

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Re-enter &roll, or Big Costly Mistake
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