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Every year good kayakers freeze to death on a warm day in cold water.Forabout $60 from www.overtons.com you can buy enough neoprene to give you a fighting chance, and it floats. Front zip pfd is cooler on a hot day and easier to get out of. A wet sweatshirt or sweater is like an anchor when trying to climb back in a boat. This year I might leave a paddle float hooked to a spare paddle for reentry and maybe a neoprene hood hooked to the top rear of pfd to pull up if needed. When going thru big waves today, I smile , relax, wigggle my hips and with hands high, take small strokes like shuffling my feet across ice. After paddling, everything goes into the washer right away. Kabobs are my club's favorite food. Soak sticks in cold water to keep them from burning.Put tenderizer on eye round. One inch cubes with some sweet onion and green pepper and Italian dressing. Put into a turkey roaster wrapped in a trash bag that will fit your back hatch and your club has a feast on an island!