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the government in your face ... again !!!!

The US Coast Guard is proposing a new ruling which we have till May 22, 2000 to respond to. The proposed rule states that all vessels including canoes and kayaks must carry a usable anchor at all times. I believe carrying an anchor in a canoe or a kayak on a river would endanger the paddler and his vessel. During an upset the paddler could be entangled in the anchor rope or cable. Also while upset the canoe or kayak full of water floating downstream could be destroyed if the attached anchor catches on a rock or other under water object. Carrying an anchor on a sea kayak has at least as many pitfalls as for a white water boat including interference with rescues, snagging a displaced anchor line in the rocks while making a surf landing in rock gardens, snagging the person being rescued to name a few.

Write your opinion to the US Coast Guard if you agree that an anchor attached to a canoe or kayak is not a good rule. Or if you do not want the government to regulate one more thing that you do.

Please refer to docket # USCG-1998-4447 and send to:

Docket Management Facility U. S. Department of Transportation Room PL-401 400 Seventh Street SW Washington, DC 20590-001

Comments must be received by May 22, 2000.