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: Hello once again: I know I am on here alot lately but I had no idea this site
: was here. Anyway just picked up a greenlander pro for my father I sort of
: talked him in to the boat thought it would be a great first boat for him
: since he has used all of my other kayaks and done well. I paddled it
: yesterday on some inland water fast,very fast! much different then the
: pintail. My plans are this monday come rain or shine to get this boat out
: into the ocean. How is this boat in big water? Also would like advice on
: landing this boat in the surf.In my pintail I usually just surf as long as
: I can, then high brace, flip(sometimes) and roll up. It is not always
: pretty but its fun and it works. Just think I may have trouble manuvering
: until I get used to the length and these hard chines.

: Thanks again, Jim Hi Jim, I don't think you will have any problem surfing your hard chined boat, as a matter of fact chined boats do well in the surf,because of better secondary stability. When bracing on a wave,they can be leaned over farther than you would get away with in your pintail,and still be able to recover. the only drawback i see is; the greenlander is longer and less manuverable than your pintail,and it might tend to broach sooner than your pintail would. happy surfing.....

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