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: I have been paddling a Dagger Magelan in coastal waters of Maine for the last
: 3 years. I am upgrading now to fiber glass. I very much like the looks of
: the boreal design boats. I did a demo paddle in an Alvik the other day but
: the fixed thigh braces made it very hard for me to get out even on land. I
: then tried the narwhal which is a foot shorter and an inch and 1/4 wider.
: The cockpit feels fine and the boat paddled easily at my cruising speed
: and seemed to track and lean well. I could put the spray skirt in the
: water with a moderate lean. Does any one have one of these boats and if so
: what do you think of it? Thanks for any information. Hope to meet you on
: the water.


Hi my name is Jim Spill, Read your post and I think I may be able to help you. Last may I spent some time in Maine withan outfitter called Compass Rose Expeditions, one of the owners of that company Marc Bourgoin also happens to be a Boreal rep. Naturally Boreal boats were used on the trip, excluding their double kayaks I have paddled every composite boat they make includinr the Narwhal. My favorite boat they make is the Ellesmere, sleek fast and very agile. The Narwhal is a great little boat, very easy to use holds good amount of gear for its size and was able to keep up (much to my surprise) with the rest of the pack including the sugueney wich is 18 something feet long. Wind did not bother the Narwhal to much in the two days I paddled from island to island, but you have to consider that all the boats were always heavy with lots of gear. Do you live in main? if so you may want to check out the sugueney tons of room in it and a great cruiser, if I lived near all those wonderful islands out there I would be considering a boat like that. The quality was pretty good on all the boats I paddled that week. The only thing I would be concerned about is the rigging seamed a little cheap on all but the Ellesmere. The reason I say this is that the rigging was not flush with the deck and could break or cut you in the event of having to re-enter at sea. All in all the Narwhal is a cool littl boat and I think it will do right by you. Hey listen, I have a good idea! sometimes Marc and the guy's at Compass rose sell off some of their fleet at real great price Just E-mail me back and I will dig up marcs E-mail address for you. You might even want to take a small trip with them and test the boat for yourself in all different kind of conditions that way you would be sure to get the perfect boat for yourself. I am sure that they would be more than happy to set up a small trip for you for a very reasonable price, these guy's are great I liked them so much Im going to Ireland with them in august. I know this was a little long winded but you asked! I hope I was able to help you and good luck with your new Boat.


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